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Craggy Gardens Engagement: Ellyn + Alex

So something awesome happened back in early October, it was Alex & Ellyn's engagement session up at Craggy Gardens! True to it's usual style Craggy's weather was looking a little iffy heading into the date we scheduled for their engagement photos, but with a little patience and the ability to rely on amazing teammates when one of us is not available, we were able to make this happen for this super cute couple! One thing we loved leading up to Alex & Ellyn's engagement was we were able to meet them and not through our usual way. They are actually close friends with some friends and previous clients of ours Matt & Kim! In fact the first time we got to meet Ellyn and Alex it was through Matt & Kim on the 4th of July and the night was very chill! It was filled with fireworks, relaxing out on the lawn (not ours) and enjoying a few brews while talking about life! A few months after, we were contacted by Alex and Ellyn to talk about doing their engagement photos! After Jenny and I got to know these two a bit, we were pumped at the idea of capturing their engagement! As I previously mentioned, mother nature had other plans days leading up to the date we had scheduled and though Jenny wasn't able to make it, thankfully our wonderful teammate Regina Myrick was able to take her place and help capture this beautiful engagement! Between Alex and Ellyn's chemistry on camera, perfect lighting, and a fiery warm sky that reflected beautifully off the red foliage this time of the year, it was hard not to love spending this evening with these two! One of the best parts was when we were initially sitting and talking to Alex and Ellyn, you could tell they were a little apprehensive about photos as many people feel weird when they think about the idea having couples photos taken, but man these two were anything but awkward, more like awe-inspiring :)

Big thanks again to our teammate Regina for her creative angles and stellar captures during this shoot and to Alex and Ellyn for trusting us with telling your love story!


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