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Max Patch Engagement Photos: Carly + Brandon

So one of our most recent engagement sessions at Max Patch had 3 of our favorite things! Mountain views, fur babies, and Carly & Brandon, okay so maybe that's 4! Nonetheless, we had an amazing time with this super cute couple that we've had the pleasure of getting to know and become friends with over the past few months! Once they decided Max Patch was where they wanted to do their engagement session, our excitement grew as this would be our first time ever getting to visit Max Patch! We kept hearing from friends how cool this spot was and when the day finally arrived, it didn't disappoint! We got to meet their furry little (not so little) bundle of joy named Koda! Not only was Koda a cutie but when the camera was on him, he always seemed to look right at us (insert heavenly "awwwes"). After stopping in the warm golden grass, we started our last little ascent up the mountain. From parking lot to the top, it's probably only 400 yds, but it is pretty steep and on our day, a little slick, but we made it unscathed, a pretty big deal for those of you have that have been out on a shoot with us, you know one of us always falls doing something lol. On this perfect evening, everyone must have had the same idea as us as there was about 5 other photoshoots going on that we counted and tons of campers! I can't say I blame them, as the weather and the views were amazing! One of the other good things about Max Patch that we instantly noticed, was there is plenty of space and 360 degree mountain views. Once we scouted it out a bit, we found our spots and from there it was just letting the magic unfold between Carly and Brandon! These two have such a genuine connection and the thing we enjoyed most about capturing their engagement, was how much their body language told their love story. It was truly one of those shoots where we just have to point the couple towards each other and the chemistry takes over. Throw in a perfect sunset and it's hard not to feel ALL of the feels! Thank you guys for a perfect evening and we literally cannot wait until the wedding day!

-Joe & Jenny

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