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Biltmore Proposal Photos: Nick +Richa

For those who follow us a lot, it’s no surprise, we do a lot of surprise proposals at The Biltmore Estate. It really is one of the most beautiful settings to get down on one knee and ask someone to spend the rest of their lives with you! From the house itself, to the long range mountain views, as well as the colorful gardens, you’re hard pressed to find a better all around location in the area.

We love the rush that comes with every proposal and one of our most memorable from recent times was with Nick & Richa! Nick contacted us in early November looking to set up a session for him and his soon to be fiance Richa while they were in town fro Atlanta. After getting to connect with Nick on the phone, we decided on the perfect location! Nick had one of the sweetest most well thought out proposals we can remember and it was all in the details. He had a custom sign made that Richa’s family would place at the location prior to their arrival as they toured the grounds of the estate. The sign said in big bold letters, “Marry Me” and as you approached it you noticed it was also made up of song lyrics from some of Richa’s favorite songs. From country hits to John Legend, each lyric held special meaning to their relationship. In addition to this Nick had also had them inconspicuously place a small gift box with a love note and pictures of some of their special memories they’ve shared near this area as well. The plan was for them to pass by and Nick to see something in the grass. To be honest, there were so many moving parts, we were a little nervous as we wanted everything to be simply perfect for Nick and Richa without the sign giving anything away.

Nick approached from the perfect angle as he kept Richa’s attention and handed her the box that had been laying on the ground, she began to look through it and smile from ear to ear. Once her she began to read the note and look at the pictures, Nick slowly got on one knee and the pictures can totally tell the rest of the story as we think her reaction says it all!

We probably say it too much but, any couple, on any given day, at any given location, at any time of the year, always lends itself to something different. Even though we have been a part of so many special moments like this at The Biltmore, Nick & Richa’s was so still an awe-inspiring to us! From the well thought out details to the icing on the cake at the end with her family surprising, we loved everything about working with these two and we feel so blessed to have been a part of this chapter of Nick & Richa’s love story!

Congrats to Nick & Richa and big thanks to everyone for following along :)

Jenny & Joe

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