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Looking Glass Falls Elopement: Kaitlin + Ted

We have been blessed to have no shortage of winter weddings this year and we recently got to be a part of Kaitlin and Ted’s beautiful adventure elopement here in the Asheville area! You may be asking yourself “What is an adventure elopement?” Adventure elopements also sometimes called adventure weddings (or in this area sometimes just called an elopements & intimate weddings) take a slightly non-traditional path towards tying the knot. When you think of elopements 15-20 years ago, generally the first thing that came to mind for most people was going to Vegas or going down to the court house and then going on a road trip or something of that nature. Today what has gained a lot of traction is the idea of an Adventure wedding. Most often these intimate unions end up being destinations you want to travel to and explore. Instead of going to Vegas or the courthouse, think more along the lines of saying your vows somewhere epic like Black Balsam Knob 6000ft above sea level with mountains as far as the eye can see in any direction. Or maybe you want to hit the other coast and head to the Yosemite? Love mountains but feeling a different vibe, maybe a beautiful waterfall and stream in the forrest? There have even been couples that have taken this concept to the extreme, opting to get married on Mount Everest! You grab your partner, you get your photographer, find your officiant, and you head to wherever your sense of wander takes you! In Kaitlin and Ted’s Case, they chose Looking Glass Falls for their setting! It is a majestic waterfall in the ranger district of the Pisgah National Forrest. It’s roar can be heard long before it can be seen and once you lay your eyes upon this beauty, it’s hard to look away from mother nature’s handy work. It’s definitely one of the more popular falls locations in the area and during the summer time it is crawling with people. Fortunately with all of this wet wintery weather we’ve been having in WNC lately, the often crowded hangout was nearly empty as Kaitlin and Ted prepared for their ceremony!

In our time leading up to their special day, the weather was looking like it was going to give us some difficulties but Kaitlin asked us last minute if there was any way we could switch it to Friday? Thankfully our schedule was open and we were able to make it happen for these two! The weather was perfect on the day of their wedding, almost borderline warm, and as the sun started to set, it gave way to a perfectly lit canvas for us to have some fun with these two!

We were able to connect with Kaitlin before her wedding and just from our brief conversations in and out of messenger, you could tell she was beyond excited about marrying Ted! She was the absolute sweetest and we felt that even more when we finally got to meet them both in person. Ted was a gentleman through and through and is also currently serving our country in the U.S. Army! Working with these awesome couples who we come to know is always a gift and Kaitlin & Ted were no exception. These two were to die for on camera and their comfort with each other as well as us, really allowed their love to shine on this beautiful day!

Congratulations to Kaitlin & Ted, and thank you both for choosing us to be a part of your journey…..and for the awesome dinner getting to join you and your family afterwards!

Jenny & Joe

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