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Charleston Wedding Festivals

Every year since moving here, we’ve participated in The Wedding Festivals in Asheville and Greenville! It’s an event that we give a lot of credit to with helping get our business off the ground and into the presence of couples who are looking for a wedding photographer! If you’ve never been to one of the Wedding Festivals shows, the owners Colleen and Marc as well as their top notch team go above in beyond in making sure the vendors have the right resources to be successful and the show has the right flow and set up to be valuable to those in attendance. In recent years, the largest show we had been to was 2 years ago in Greenville. A few weeks prior to the show, there was another show in Spartanburg and due to a crazy snow storm that hit this entire region, a lot of the brides and couples who originally planned to go to that show were allowed to transfer their tickets to the Greenville show. That Greenville Wedding Festivals was packed from beginning to end and I remember when it hit us that it was over because everything seemed like it moved so fast that it was over before you knew it. Our recent trip to Charleston for the Wedding Festival there was along the lines of the same experience! We met and talked to so many awesome couples from the moment they opened the gates until the last bride left! It was such a rush and a great opportunity to connect with more brides and grooms on their search for wedding pros for their big day! In what little time we did have to get out we networked with some awesome new (to us) wedding professionals and snapped some of the details and action throughout the day!

The highlight for those in attendance is always the fashion show at the end and Charleston did not disappoint! All in all we were blessed with this recent opportunity to once again be a part of this amazing event and stoked about getting to travel to Charleston, SC! For more of the action, keep scrolling

Joe & Jenny

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