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Proposal at The Biltmore: William + Ronda

Lately we feel like the proposals and engagements just keep getting sweeter and sweeter and William’s surprise proposal to Ronda this week was no exception! Though it’s already March (slow down 2018!) our journey with this beautiful couple started back in mid January when William first contacted us about capturing this special moment for them while they would be in Asheville celebrations their two year Anniversary! As we spoke to William via email and discussed ideas, planning, timing, etc. we were thrown a little bit by a welcome curve ball. It turns out William wanted to start off as just doing a couples session for he and Ronda and then propose at the end. We were used to usually capturing the moment and then doing engagement photos afterwards, but this definitely sounded like it could be a fun change! This would be the ultimate disguise for his proposal as anniversary sessions are becoming more and more common. As we solidified everything in terms of plan and location, we came up with a key phrase and set up that would let William know when it was the right time! When this moment finally arrived, we casually set them up as we had previously done, but as William took Ronda’s hands, and looked into her eyes, it was soon apparent to her what was about to happen. Her smile turned into a big smile which soon turned into happy tears as William went down to one knee. She said yes, and these two came together for one of the absolute sweetest embraces!

Spring time engagements at The Biltmore never disappoint, but William and Ronda will definitely hold a special place in our hearts for a while! Their playful nature, ability to make each other laugh, and beautiful smiles were all reminders of why we love what we do! Capturing this connection between couples is the ultimate for us and these two epitomize what it means to love! Congrats William & Ronda and thank you for an amazing evening!

Joe & Jenny

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