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Give me all the wedding details!!!

The first half of wedding season is finally upon us! With it’s arrival comes all the excitement, all of the planning, and of course, all of the wedding details! Now what do we mean by wedding details? We may be guilty of using this term a little loosely but from a wedding photographer’s perspective, wedding details are all the little things that make up the sum of the whole and can help make your wedding pop! They are looking beyond the obvious and taking in the view from your venue, as well as other intricacies throughout your wedding so that when you look back you get the whole story of your day. For us, at certain points throughout the day we will focus on these special details as it’s an intimate look below the surface level of your special day. Also think of the details as not just the reception space but the individual table-scapes. Not just the wedding dress but the lace details that make up the dress. It’s the something borrowed and the something blue!

We wanted to post this blog as inspiration to all of those couples looking for those last minute ideas, all of the couples currently in the beginning stages of planning and looking for inspiration from the ground up, and of course, because we thought it would be fun! So sit back, relax, and indulge on the inspo for all all things

We hope that experience felt great! Whether it was color schemes, layouts, designs, we hope something in the above blog helps you towards planning for the details on your big day! Also, something to remember as you get closer to your wedding. As we always say, don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to your wedding day! Details are a fun part of your wedding, but they are simply that, a part of your wedding day and not the most important thing by any means. Find what feels good, run with it, and make it your own! It will all come together in the end!

Jenny & Joe

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