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Asheville Engagement: Violet + Donald

What ended up being one of our favorite engagements in recent times was almost ‘the one that got away’. Leading up to Violet and Donald’s beautiful downtown engagement, we were stoked because it’s not often we get to venture into the heart of our city with couples. As you can imagine, most of our engagement sessions are on the scenic outskirts of town somewhere off the Blue Ridge Parkway like Black Balsam Knob or Craggy Gardens. People travel from miles around to see some of these beautiful destinations or hike the vast trail network in this region. Of course a down town session has a different feel all together. You’re trading landscapes for city scapes. Trees for buildings, and instead of natural greenery, the pops of beautiful colors come from the amazing artwork on many of the storied buildings and alleyways in downtown Asheville. For all of these reasons and more we were very much looking forward to their shoot! Where things almost got away from us was the original morning of the shoot when we received a call from Donald informing us that Violet had a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction. It was one of those things that we’re sure a seamstress could’ve fixed quick but Sunday morning at 7am, good luck finding someone. Fortunately, these two were going to be in town for one more day and they were able to re-schedule for Monday morning!

Monday morning came quickly and getting to work with Violet and Donald was so worth the wait! On top of being just an absolute genuine and sweet couple, they also happened to be that gorgeous couple that turn heads! As we moved around downtown to hit some of the cool graffiti spots, we discovered way more than we initially bargained for! It’s as if every corner or wall had a story to tell and was shouting “pick me!”. Well we tried to pick them all and it didn’t really matter where we put Violet and Donald as these two were on fire! After getting to know them a bit during our walk through downtown, we soon discovered they were both working full time and in school working on their Matser’s Degrees. To which we naturally had to respond “When do you guys have time for each other!?” lol. Even though we joked, it was obvious these two shared a deep-seated love! Their chemistry on camera was invigorating and to be able to share in their journey was a privilege, even if just for the morning! We hope you enjoy their beautiful engagement to follow and some of the character from our amazing city!

Thanks as always for following along!

-Joe & Jenny

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