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Brevard Music Center Wedding: Sierra + Glenn

Jenny and I recently had the pleasure of capturing one of the most special weddings in recent memory. First and foremost because we got to work with Sierra and Glenn. What do we mean by that? Anybody whose spent any time around these two will tell you, they are kind hearted, genuine, and just one of the sweetest couples you will likely ever meet. We were able to spend time with them twice before their wedding day, once for their engagement session at black balsam, and the second time to tour the site of where they would hold their wedding ceremony. We hit it off immediately during their engagement, especially when we found out their dog Thunder was a weener dog! Instant connection! (we have one at home and they are the best!) They were to die for on their engagement! The fun and gentle way in which they showed their love for one another made for awesome captures as we got to know them on our way up the mountain for a beautifully warm sunset! Always the perfect way to end any couple’s shoot!

It seemed like forever and a day but the next time we got to connect with Sierra and Glenn was for a walk through of their wedding ceremony venue. This is where things get special again! The ceremony site was going to be held at Bryn Avon. While I won’t pretend to know all the value and significance of this historical site, Glenn let us know that it it was built in the late 1800s by his Welsh ancestors who helped to colonize much of the surrounding area. As we were given the tour of Bryn Avon inside and out, we gazed with delight at not only the unique character of this property, but also the sentimental meaning it held for Sierra & Glenn, and especially Glenn’s family. As we explored the property, with Glenn and Sierra, we tried to take in as much as we could about what they loved about the property as well as many of the stories Glenn shared about the history of not only the structures and property but many of the items inside the home and the stories behind them. The one that stood out most for us was the fact that Glenn’s parents were wed in the gardens right behind Bryn Avon, the exact same place that Glenn and Sierra were envisioning their loving union to take place. When we learned of this, we couldn’t help but falling even more in love with their story.

When the week of their wedding finally arrived, the excitement was at an all time high! We were going to be spending the day with Sierra and Glenn, some of our favorite vendors, and doing it all at a pretty cool place! Everything was shaping up to be perfect! That is until, the weather report hit. About a week from their big day, rain was looking unavoidable. Nobody panicked as the weather has a way of being all over the place in the mountains of WNC, but as the day drew near, it appeared as if the precipitation would definitely being paying us all a visit. With some last minute coordination and adjustments to the timeline the site of the ceremony changed to the reception site, but we were still going to be able to capture their first look at and getting ready photos at Bryn Avon. This was huge given how much it meant to both Sierra and Glenn and we were thrilled to be able to shoot at least part of the wedding day there!

Even though much of their wedding day was plagued by rain, it almost didn’t matter. Everyone from Sierra and Glenn, to their family friends, as well as the wedding vendors present on this day weren’t all that affected by the weather. We joked amongst each other that this was the best rainy wedding ever! Truth be told from our perspective the weather added a touch of romance that you can only get with a little bit of rain. The lighting was nice and soft all day, and Sierra didn’t mind getting the bottom of her dress a little wet. With the often perceived bad, came A LOT of good! With love in the air, happiness in their smiles, and dance in their feet, Sierra and Glenn made memories and absolutely rocked their wedding day!

Big congrats to Sierra & Glenn and special thanks to all of the amazing wedding vendors who helped bring this day together!

Venue(s): Bryan Avon & Brevard Music Center

Planning/Coordinating: Plain with Sprinkles Events

Make up: Anarie

Ceremony Music: Jay Brown

Reception Music: Preston Prince (DJ)

Catering/Desserts: Verbena Cakes & Catering


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