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Triple Falls Engagement: Stephanie & Tyler

Updated: Apr 5

man kissing his fiance on the cheek while sitting in front of a waterfall

Stephanie and Tyler’s scenic engagement in Dupont may have been THE day that the seasons actually changed and boy was it a welcome transition! Now that I look back it feels like every engagement session in the past few months was cold and then boom! It could’ve been because spring finally made it’s way to WNC or, it could’ve been because Stephanie & Tyler were bringing the heat :)

They chose to have their engagement session at Triple Falls in Dupont State Forrest, and it is by far one of our favorite locations in the area! Not only are the the falls themselves a site to see, but the well beaten path along the river and surrounding greenery make a beautiful location for photos. If that wasn’t enough, Stephanie and Tyler added a playful touch of romance! As we hiked our way along the trail and talked about the recent concerts we had both been to, we got to witness firsthand the connection these two share as well as their willingness to explore! In fact, even in a dress, dress shoes, and the water raging from the recent rain, Stephanie and Tyler were so game to climb up some of the steeper (and wet) rocks in order to get to the top of the falls. The view from the top was so worth it, but what really captured the immensity of triple falls were the fun environmental portraits that Jenny captured from across the water where we originally started once they got to the top!

couple crossing rocks together
couple holding hands on a rock
couple holding each other and smiling in front of a waterfall
woman getting her cheek kissed by her fiance in front of a waterfall
couple looking at a waterfall together
couple kissing in front of triple falls
couple holding hands and walking on a rock
woman touching her fiance's cheek and laughing
couple sitting in front of a waterfall
couple standing on top of a waterfall
couple holding hands and walking near the top of a waterfall
man leaning on his fiance's cheek

We’re convinced it’s hard to have a bad day at Triple Falls (unless you fall in) but getting to hang with Stephanie & Tyler that evening made it that much better! We’re more excited than ever for their wedding later this year and we can only imagine that they will bring that same sense of fun and adventure to their big day!

-Jenny & Joe

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