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Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Photos: Courtney & Alex

One of our favorite things about doing what we do in the Asheville area is the fact that it seems to attract like minded couples! One of those couples we recently had the pleasure of working with was Alex & Courtney! We will be shooting their wedding later this year, but as life often does, it can get in the way of things, like engagement photos! We hadn’t nailed down a date for their engagement session, and after getting to meet them and get to know them a little better we can see why with their busy routines! Thankfully they were going to be in town for a friend’s wedding for a few days and we had one spot open. Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, or 6ish to be somewhat exact (insert bad joke). Experience has taught us that 9 out of 10 couples will usually turn down the early am session, but Courtney & Alex were the exception! Waking up early, traveling afar, and getting our feet wet when needed have been a few of the ways we try to go the extra mile for the amazing couples we work with and the fact that they were able/willing to meet us that early is simply awesome!

When the morning of finally arrived, we met them in the parking lot of Graveyard Fields right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Generally at this time in the day, we’d rightfully expect a lot of people to be tired, but their body language told a different story! As opposed to the ‘I shouldn’t be up this early’ look, they were energetic and greeted us right as we hopped out of our SUV! From there, we were off on a little morning adventure! One of the things we love most about morning sessions is that impossibly warm soft glow from the sun as it make it’s way up into the sky through the fog. For Courtney and Alex, it painted them perfectly as they laughed it up and held each other close! They also didn’t hesitate for a second when we asked them if they would be willing to get in the brisk water coming off the falls! (winning)

As we made the light hike back to the parking lot we soon found out that Alex and Courtney both have sports medicine backgrounds which basically make them my people! Being an exercise science major, I totally nerded out and probably asked Alex about 20 related questions, but thankfully he didn’t seem to mind :)

These two absolutely rocked their engagement session and I have to imagine their wedding day is only going to be better!

Jenny & Joe

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