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The Lorelei Inn Styled Wedding Inspiration

In the past few years we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with other Asheville wedding professionals for styled shoots and styled wedding inspiration shoots. Our most recent was at a venue that is not new to the area, but is now being re-launched! We are talking about The Lorelei Inn in Canton, NC! I remember talking briefly to our friend Kristi from Stargazers about this beautiful place and some of it’s history. She had mentioned that it needed a little TLC and she was going to be helping with the process of getting it back up and running! After seeing a few of the cell phone pics she had snapped, we were immediately intrigued and she said she would eventually be putting together a styled wedding inspiration shoot for some of the new branding and promotional efforts. We were excited to be a part of this effort and I can say that even though we haven’t shot a real wedding here yet, it is definitely near the top of the list of venues we love to shoot!

From the moment you start cresting over the top of the narrow gravel road that gets you to the property, it opens up into awe inspiring view of the mountains on your left, with a conveniently placed ridge line and surrounding golden fields. To be honest I swerved a couple of times while driving up to the house itself as I was captivated by the surrounding views. I hadn’t even stepped out of my car yet and I was already envisioning some of the shots we could set up once our model Jenna arrived. For the shoot, we were going to highlight one of the intimate dining rooms, styled beautifully by Something Like a Dream Weddings & Events, Stargzers, 50/fifty The Art of Dessert, and the very talented Sabrina from Cakin it up who provided us with a colorful styled wedding cake that served as the perfect center piece for our table-scape. We were also going to show some of the other storied rooms of The Loralei Inn as well as one of the wedding ceremony sites which centers itself perfectly with majestic views of Cold Mountain. All of this would be plenty to shoot in and of itself, but the star of our show was our model Jenna. Rocking her Sherri Hill dress from Best Bride Prom & Tux and a bouquet of bold colors from Stargazers, she embodied the bold design, elegance, and charm you think of when you think “The Lorelei Inn”. Fun fact, Jenna is also a talented make up professional and did her own make up for the shoot (I know right!?). For a full list of the awesome vendors present for this shoot, please see below, but in the meantime, check out out The Lorelei!

So who is the Lorelei a good fit for? Anybody who liked the photos (just kidding), but seriously, if you desire a wedding venue that has old southern charm. If you want those beautiful uninterrupted mountain views of Western North Carolina. If you love the idea of plenty of outdoor and indoor space for your guests to enjoy your wedding day. If you want a venue that has multiple options for beautiful wedding photos, then you should definitely check out The Lorelei Inn. Lastly, one of the biggest conveniences, it is only a little over a half hour outside of downtown Asheville! After just one visit, I can’t wait for the opportunity to go back and I have a feeling a lot of brides and grooms searching for a venue will feel the same!

Thanks to an all star team of vendors and our model Jenna for bring this all together!

Model: Jenna

Florals/Design: Stargazers Designs

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