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Brewery Engagement Asheville: Christina + Jacob

Updated: Apr 2

engaged couple sitting inside a model car chugging beers

I still remember the day we met Christina and Jacob earlier in the year. Well, not the actual day, my memory is quite terrible, but the time with them for sure! We were sitting outside at Trade and Lore in downtown Asheville sipping on quite amazing coffee while getting to know them and learn more about the vision for their wedding day! We discussed their wants, their likes, and we talked briefly about their engagement session. We probably would’ve had another round of caffeine but they also had some cake tastings lined up same day so we definitely didn’t want to get in the way of that :)

After about a week Christina and Jacob locked down the vision for their engagement session and they let us know that Christina wanted something scenic in the mountains and Jacob wanted to hit up Burial Beer Co. in Asheville for some of their engagement. Can you say win win? Of course we were stoked about making it happen and we started figuring out the timing how we could make it work and when would be good for them! When that beautiful Friday in June finally arrived we couldn’t have been more pleased as were watching the weather reports like hawks and even with a high chance of rain, everything blew on by! The warm weather, cold brews, and laid back atmosphere at Burial brewery made for a fun start to their engagement! (And in case you’re wondering we lost track of the score but we’re pretty sure Christina beat Jacob in corn hole)

burial beer co sign asheville
burial beer co menu
engaged couple sitting together smiling at each other
engaged couple laughing as they sit together
engaged couple sitting with beers
engaged couple playing corn hole
couple laughing while playing corn hole
couple sharing a cute moment during a competitive game of corn hole
man laughing as his fiance smiles at him
engaged couple sitting in a model car
couple mimicking a mural they are standing in front of

Afterwards it was off to the mountains to capture some of the beautiful scenery our WNC area is known for! Initially we were planning on going to Craggy Gardens but with all the rainfall in recent weeks, apparently that part of the parkway had been shut down for a few days (ugh!). Thankfully there’s more than one awesome place to shoot around here and last minute we were able to adjust and take them to Black Balsam Knob. Black Balsam is always one of our favorite places to shoot and on this evening, it was heavenly! Between the oh so perfect lighting, their chemistry on camera, and a beautiful sunset, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the night!

engaged couple sitting together and laughing as they hold hands
man leading his fiance up a mountain
a man wrapping his fiance up from behind
couple sharing an intimate moment on the mountain top
man caressing his fiance's face as the wind blows her hair
man kissing his fiance's temple on the mountain top
couple looking off together in the mountains
couple kissing on the edge of a cliff
woman's fiance holding her close
couple smiling at each other in the mountains
couple looking off at the mountains together
man holding his fiance on top of a rock in the mountains

Now the 4 month wait until their wedding day in October! Though the time always seems to fly by, we are counting down the days!

Thanks as always for following along!

Joe & Jenny

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