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Waterfall Proposal: Mike + Paige

Updated: Mar 25

man proposing to his girlfriend in front of a waterfall

A few weeks back we had the opportunity to capture one of the most beautiful proposals we can remember in recent times, but there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye! Originally Mike had contacted us about capturing his surprise proposal to Paige a couple months in advance of his trip to the area but with the amount of rain we received we had to alter plans last minute! We had previously discussed setting everything up for Chimney Rock State Park but with all of the slides and flooding, it was nearly impossible to get into where we would’ve needed to go. We could tell Mike was a little bummed because he wanted everything to be perfect like he had planned. Him getting down on one knee in front of a beautiful waterfall to ask Paige to spend the rest of her life with him. We felt his pain too and we mentioned to Mike some other waterfall options that would make for a beautiful back drop. After about a day of waiting to hear back, Mike confirmed that he wanted to try at Triple Falls, where we had suggested. Of course we hadn’t been to Triple Falls in a few weeks because of all of the rain so we decided to get there a few minutes early to pick our angle, test the light, and get set up. Upon reaching the falls, we were thrown another curve ball. Due to the amount of water, the falls were raging and by far the fullest we’ve ever seen. Most of the space where visitors would usually walk around, play, lay out, take pictures, etc. was completely roped off leaving us with hardly any space. After some outside the box thinking, we figured out an angle that would totally work and tried our best to communicate this to Mike via text before he lost signal. Thankfully he completely understood the vision and a few minutes after hunkering down, we saw them making their way down the stairs. The timing couldn’t have been better because initially on top of the limited space, it was crowded but everyone cleared just moments before they arrived. Almost like it was meant to be ;)

Looking casually dressed with our tripod set up like we were just doing waterfall shots, Paige didn’t pay us any mind as her and Mike made their way around to take pictures of the waterfall. Mike had a little trick up his sleeve as he approached me like a stranger in hopes of getting a cell phone picture of them in front of the falls (sweet set up dude!). After snapping a quick shot, they were set up in place and Mike made his move. Paige was completely taken by surprise and her reaction said it all. It was an undeniable yes!

man proposing in front of a waterfall
woman reacting to her boyfriend's proposal
man putting a ring on his girlfriend's hand
woman crying as her fiance puts a ring on her hand
woman going to hug her fiance
woman crying moments after her fiance proposed
woman checking out her ring
couple kissing in front of a waterfall

engaged couple sitting together in front of a waterfall
woman smiling at her fiance
engaged couple kissing in front of a waterfall
traditional portrait of a couple standing in front of a waterfall
couple looking out at the view together
man kissing his fiance on the temple
woman laughing after her fiance said something funny
engaged couple laughing together in the forest
man picking up his fiance on a bridge

Thanks as always for following along!

Joe & Jenny

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