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Linville Gorge Elopement: Sharon + Forrest

In December of last year, we first made contact with Sharon! Her and her fiance (at the time) Forrest were going to be traveling to Asheville around New Years’ Eve 2017 and they were looking to get their engagement photos captured while in town! Initially they were hoping to go up somewhere off the Parkway with some beautiful views but due to winter, the Parkway had been shut down for a while at that point. After figuring out what would work best for their vision, we decided on meeting in downtown Asheville on New Year’s Eve. Well anybody that was in the area knows what happened on that day, the town completely iced over and shut down. We’re talking 3-4 hours to drive the distance that would usually take 10 minutes. Many cars were abandoned at local business around the area and for the few of us that were able to make it home, we were at the mercy of the gridlock. Unfortunately for Sharon and Forrest, this meant their engagement session would have to be re-scheduled. We were disappointed about not being able to make this one happen so I know they were bummed and but we talked briefly and the idea was to wait until it warmed up a bit and some of the greenery came back.

When Sharon and Forrest reached back out, we found out that they had since gotten married but they still wanted to take their couples portraits in the mountains, so instead of an engagement session, we would be having a wedding portrait session. After figuring out exactly what all the details were going to be we decided on one of our new favorite locations, Wiseman’s View in the Linville Gorge Wilderness area. It’s definitely a longer drive than most of the other local options closer to Asheville but due to the more remote location, lack of phone signal, and rugged gravel road drive to get there, it tends to not be as crowded which makes it perfect for these kind of occasions and the views (OMG) are epic! It’s a photographer’s dream spot to shoot if you love outdoor sessions and if you’re a more adventurous couple who loves nature and the mountains, you’ll love it too!

Even though we had been communicating via email, phone, and text for a couple of months now, there’s always that excitement that comes with getting to meet a couple in person for the first time! Sharon and Forrest were the absolute sweetest! From the get go they were so at ease and in tune with each other that at certain points we contemplated not even saying anything and just letting them do their thing. The story they told with their body language and the way they looked at each other was a beautiful combination of romance and inspiration. Their chemistry was simply amazing! Of course like all good stories, there has to be a little drama right? As the thunder in the distance and gray skies seemed to move closer and closer, we were faced with the decision to wrap it up or keep shooting. Having had mother nature ruin their previously scheduled shoot, Sharon and Forrest forged on with a sense of adventure. We had umbrellas just in case but something tells me they would’ve totally been down for some romantic rain photos. We finished up cliffside with one of most picturesque views! The rock they stood on jutted out of the tree line and into the gorge below. Even with a heart for adventure, it still gives you that feeling in your stomach when you get close to the edge that high up. The sounds of the river flowing by below with the sense of feeling like you’re in the middle of the wilderness all combines to create a special feeling. A feeling that Sharon and Forrest completely embraced as they told their story for the camera.

Congrats to Sharon and Forrest and thank you guys for letting us be a part of your special journey!

Also a big thanks to Stargazers Designs for the beautiful bouquet and boutonnière inspired by the natural greenery!

Joe & Jenny

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