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Brewery Engagement Photos

Updated: Mar 19

couple kissing with their hands on their beers

If you’ve been on social media at all the in past couple years, you’ve probably noticed a fun trend that seems to be growing with popularity. I’m not talking about the circle game, I’m talking about having your engagement session at a brewery! More and more couples are opting to capture their engagement photos at local craft breweries. Being in the unique position that we are as wedding and engagement photographers who also happen to live in an area that is known for it’s craft breweries, we’ve been able to experience this first hand. Some of the reasons may seem obvious but others you may not of thought about. Either way, we’re here to discuss some of the reasons you may want to capture your engagement session at a brewery!

Helps you relax!

I would say just about all of the couples we work with for their weddings and engagements initially express a little bit of nervousness heading into their first session. While it always helps to meet in person and talk to them about how we do what we do to put them at ease, a little bit of craft beer never hurt! After a brew or two, you’ll be relaxed and will likely have forgotten all about the camera!

Great for being you!

One of the things we always go over with the couples we work with is to just be themselves! The camera loves you when you do that ;) Many also visit Asheville and Hendersonville regularly long before deciding upon it for their engagement or wedding because they love hitting up the awesome breweries and restaurants we are known for! Going to a place you are familiar with that might even feel like your home away from home puts you in your comfort zone, keeps you in your element, and allows you to be you!

couple chugging beers in an antique car


I mean let’s be real, one of the obvious benefits of brewery engagements is getting to kick back and have a few of the brilliantly crafted beers by our local breweries. Unique beers like the Barrel Aged Donut Stout from Burial Beer Co. in downtown Asheville or The Raspberry Panther Chocolate Porter from Sanctuary Brewing Co. in downtown Hendersonville! If you’re in it for the beer, your pictures will thank you. If you’re in it for the pictures, the beer is an added bonus. This is what we call a win win!


Each of the local breweries here in WNC have their own unique character. That goes for everything from the decor, artwork, beer selection, lay out, geographical location, and sometimes the live music selection. All of these factors can provide a unique spin on your engagement session that can really help it stand out from the bunch!

couple standing together in front of a brewery
couple standing together in front of an old mural
blue grass band playing together
couple's arms wrapped around each other

Great Starting Point

If you’re like a lot of couples that visit the area, you probably love WNC for the mountains and scenery too! If you can’t quite decide where you would like to go for your engagement session, starting at a brewery for your first location can be a fun way to have two separate spots with two completely different looks. If you would like some casual candid captures at the brewery followed by some romantic sunset shots in nature, this can be a great way to accomplish just that!

Other helpful tips!

Now there are a few things we definitely wanted to go over for anyone considering a brewery for some or all of their engagement photos.

Check beforehand - While most of the breweries around here are super laid back, inviting, and welcoming for all things fun, it’s a good idea to make sure there aren’t any restrictions beforehand before shooting your engagement there. Often times there may be a networking event, launch party, etc. going on and expecting to throw an engagement session (even something low-key) in the mix could be disruptive.

Be considerate - Even if it’s totally cool, remember you’re a guest don’t hog a bunch of space and assume because you’re taking pictures people should move around you. Be un-obtrusive, and assimilate to the vibe of your surroundings. If it’s quiet, don’t be loud and obnoxious, don’t leave your stuff everywhere and try to claim spots, take what is given, capture what is there, and be respectful to everyone around you.

Take care of the staff - They were cool enough to let you shoot there, make sure everyone in your party (if of age) purchases something and tips the staff. Nothing worse than someone freeloading and taking advantage of a cool situation as this could ruin it for many.

Drink responsibly - Last but certainly not least, drink responsibly! If you’re planning on doing some or all of your engagement session at a brewery, remember the goal is not to get out of hand. It’s to enjoy the brews, the atmosphere, each other, and capture some great shots along the way.

couple playing corn hole together

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and we wanted to give a special thank you to our friends at Burial Beer Co. and Sanctuary Brewing Co. for allowing us shoot at your amazing locations and enjoy the excellent brews!

Joe & Jenny


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