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Black Balsam Engagement Session: Destiney + Alan

Updated: Mar 17

woman smiling as her fiance kisses her neck

When you think of Black Balsam Knob, you probably think of epic sunsets, enchanting sections of forrest, and 360 degree mountain views. We think by the end of this blog, you’ll also think of the names Destiney & Alan! These cuties recently had their romantic engagement session there and we think they totally left their mark on this scenic location!

From the get go when they hit us with the “this is the first time we’ve ever taken pictures together,” we knew we were going to be in for an awesome night! As we’ve said in the past, it is usually the couples who think they are going to be the most ‘awkward’ on camera that usually end up being amazing. Destiney and Alan were no exception. We made our way up the mountain a little faster than we usually would have planned for once we saw storm clouds rolling in the distance, but as mother nature would have it, we remained untouched! The wind from the passing by storm, the drama in the sky, and the passion that Destiney & Alan share for each other all came together to make for an absolutely beautiful engagement!

It’s truly one of those shoots where no matter how much we describe it with words, it just doesn’t compare to visuals. With that being said, we hope you enjoy the heck out of this one!

 engaged couple holding hands and walking through the woods
engged couple holding on to each other and smiling at each other
woman laughing as her fiance wraps her up
engaged couple holding hands and smiling at each other
couple's feet as they hike
environmental portrait of a man holding his fiance in the mountains
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
couple smiling at each other
man smiling at his fiance in the mountains
engaged couple hugging each other in the mountains
woman's hair blowing as her fiance holds her
couple holding hands and hiking up a mountain
woman holding her dress and her fiance's hand
man caressing his fiance's cheek
man caressing his fiance's cheek as the wind blows her dress
woman's dress blowing in the wind as she smiles at her fiance
engaged couple holding each on top of black balsam knob
woman cuddling closely on her fiance's shoulder
woman laughing as her fiance whispers in her ear
man kissing his fiance's cheek

couple sitting together in the mountains
couple with their arms around each other watching the sunset
dramatic lighting portrait of a couple kissing at black balsam knob

Thanks as always for following along!

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