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Chestnut Ridge Wedding: Kalie + Jono

Updated: Mar 16

bride and groom looking out a window

One thing you’ll notice fast if you look around the WNC area is there are a BUNCH of wedding venues! In the almost 4 years that we’ve lived in Asheville, we’ve seen several come and go, while others have taken off and flourished! One of those venues that has taken the area by storm is Chestnut Ridge! This was our second time getting to come visit and we could not have asked for a better day! On this special occasion we were blessed to be a part of Kalie & Jono’s wedding day! You may remember this lovely couple from their engagement session in September of last year up at Black Balsam. If case you don’t click here because they absolutely rocked it :)

Having already had the pleasure of meeting Kalie and Jono as well as working with them, we knew we were going to be in for a awesome wedding! They were dynamite on camera and we had a hunch that their friends and family would be just as fun to work with for their big day! Our instincts were definitely correct and on a day that saw in and out rain, low rolling fog, and mad dashes for rainbows, we had a crew that kept everything upbeat throughout the entire celebration! Throw in a beautiful venue like Chestnut Ridge, and it had all the makings of an epic wedding day!

Like every wedding there’s always something that stands out for us, and getting to write from my perspective, it was definitely the groom and his groomsmen! It’s something I briefly touched on a couple of weeks ago in a blog about working with grooms. Jono and his groomsmen were the epitome of getting to work with a great group of guys! Even when it started to rain in the middle of groomsmen photos, they were game to throw up some umbrellas, grab their Highland Brewing Co. choice of beers and keep the party going! Of course we enjoyed the heck out of getting to capture the connection between Kalie and Jono again, the beautiful details around the venue, and the bridesmaids always know how to turn it on, but in the back of our minds, we kinda already knew that was going to be wonderful! The fellas were a pleasure to work with and without a doubt they helped to set the tone for the day from the get go!

So this is the part of the blog where I could totally keep talking and probably over indulge you with all of the awesome sauce that was Kalie and Jono’s wedding day, buuut we would rather show you! Thanks as always for following along and we hope you enjoy!

chestnut ridge welcome sign
white barn wedding venue
reception table
wedding reception space
table settings
farm table in the wedding reception space
round table display with large florals
floral heavy reception space
chestnut ridge reception area
bride getting her hair and make up done
bride's dress hanging from a chandelier
gift bags
bride's bouquet and shoes
bride's ring sitting on a flower
bride laughing as she gets her hair done
candid moment of the bride smiling
reflection of the bride's dress hanging in the bridal suite
bridesmaids hanging out
the bride and bridesmaids in their robes
mother of the bride helping the bride with her shoes
bride looking ay the back of her dress
candid of the bride laughing as she puts her earrings in
father of the bride reacting to seeing her for the first time
bride and her dad going in for a hug
the bride and her dad hugging
groom and groomsmen ties
groom laughing as he gets ready
groomsmen laughing
groomsman laughing
groom racking billiards
groom's party playing pool
groom smiling as he adjusts his tie
groomsmen putting their ties on
groomsman adjusting tie
groom and his buddy getting ready
traditional groomsmen portrait in front of the mountians
groom and groomsmen laughing
groom and his groomsmen standing under umbrellas
groom's party cheer before they drink
groom's party all sitting with their beers
groom looking out a window
groom covering his eyes before the first look
bride covering her eyes before the first look
bride and groom seeing each other for the first time
groom smiling after seeing the bride
bride smiling after seeing the groom
bride and groom smiling while holding hands
bride and groom kissing after their first look
bride and groom smiling at each other while sitting
groom kissing bride on the temple
bride and groom laughing as he hugs her from behind
bride and groom smiling at each other in the window light
bride and groom looking out the window while standing side by side
groom portrait in the window light
bridal portrait in the window light
traditional portrait of the bride smiling
bride and groom kissing in front of a rainbow
bridal portrait in front of the mountains
bride looking down towards her shoulder
bridal party bouquets
bridal party all laughing together
bride and bridesmaids walking
wedding party portrait in front of chestnut ridge
unplugged wedding ceremony sign
groom reacting to seeing the bride walk down the aisle
bride hugging her mother
indoor wedding ceremony at chestnut ridge
bride and groom laughing during the wedding ceremony
bride laughing during the wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony shot from outside
bride and groom kissing
bride and groom kissing while walking down the sidewalk
groom hugging his sister
bride and groom holding hands side by side and smiling at each other
bride and groom entering the reception
wedding guests clapping as the bride and groom enter
friends of the bride and groom clapping
groom clapping
bride smiling at the groom as they enter their reception
father of the bride giving a welcome toast
bride and groom toasting champagne
wedding guests clapping during the speech
wedding reception at chestnut ridge
bride and groom holding hands and walking through the mountains
bride laughing as the groom holds her hand in the mountains
bride and groom kissing in the mountains
bride and groom cuddling close in the mountains
bride and groom sharing their first dance
bride and groom smiling during their first dance
bride and her dad dancing
groom and his mother dancing
little girl dancing
bride dancing with her friend
groom taking a photos with some of his family
groom dancing during the reception
bride and groom getting down during the reception
wedding guests dancing with glow stick rings
bridesmaid giving a speech
best man giving a speech
bride and groom laughing during their speeches
wedding guests getting low on the dance floor
woman laughing on the dance floor
groom singing on the dance floor
wedding guest doing a split on the dance floor
bride and groom kissing during their sparker exit

Planning/Coordinating: Foreman Event Co.

Hair & Make up: Flawless Airbrush

Videographer: Carter Wong

Calligraphy: Joy Unscripted

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