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Asheville Proposal: Brett + Katilin

Updated: Mar 14

a man proposing to his girlfriend on a sidewalk in Asheville

What do middle school sweet hearts, great beer, and proposals have in common? Kaitlin and Brett! These cuties have been dating since Brett was 13 and Kaitlin was 15, and to hear him tell the story, they have been together ever since! Almost 9 years to be exact! After a recent move to NC to begin grad school at UNC, Brett told us that Kaitlin dropped everything to move there with him so they could be together. He could hardly wait to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him and even though we were going back and forth via email, you could tell that Brett was excited just from the conversation!

Brett told us that they shared a love for craft beer so he was hoping to propose at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. just outside of downtown Asheville. Having recently shot part of an engagement session there as well as being frequent guests for dinner and brews, we knew it would be a wonderful spot! We came up with a plan over the next day and everything was all set for Sunday! Once Sunday finally arrived, we got there a few minutes early to scope out the scene and get an idea if the plan we had agreed on would work. Boy are we glad we did! As photographers, we’re used to working every weekend so it’s easy to overlook the small three day weekends and holidays scattered throughout the year. We totally forgot about it being labor day weekend and the brewery was hopping (pun intended). From the taproom to the back patio, it was alive with festivities and guests fully enjoying their upcoming weekend! With a concert in progress and the spot we had initially discussed a bit crowded, we decided it would be best to go with plan b to find an alternative spot so we wouldn’t be in anyone’s way and so Brett could have a more private moment to pop the question without a million eyes on him! Thankfully we were able to find a spot that worked out perfectly. Shortly after Brett was down on one knee and we would tell you what Kaitlin’s answer was but we think her body language tells the story better than our words ever could :)

After taking in the overwhelming joy of this moment, they celebrated with some awesome beer and we were able to find a few spots to commemorate the awesomeness of this special day!

couple cheering a beer
couple kissing in the flower garden
couple sitting together and cuddling close
couple nestling up on each other as they enjoy beers
man nestling up on his fiance's temple
woman's hands wrapped around her fiance's
couple laughing as they hold hands and walk together
leading line of the railing leading to the couple as they kiss
man laughing as his fiance whispers in his ear

Big congrats to Brett and Kaitlin and as always, thank you for following along!

Joe & Jenny

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