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Craggy Gardens Engagement: Hannah + Alan

Updated: Mar 14

couple standing on the edge of a cliff in the mountains

Go figure, we haven’t shot much at Craggy this year and we’ve been up there 3 times in the past month! Absolutely no complaints about that! It seems every time we come up to this beautiful spot the sky changes, the weather changes, and sometimes your perspective changes. On this special evening we had the absolute pleasure of getting to spend time with Hannah and Alan! Many times when we meet a couple for their engagement session, it’s the first time they’ve been in front of our camera, but we actually met these two at Chelsea and Robbie’s wedding at The Farm! We were grateful to make a connection and once they got engaged, they decided they wanted us to document their big day! (insert happy dance)

Leading up to their engagement session, Hurricane Florence had been looming in the distance for days at that point but, we decided to make the best of what appeared to be a nice pocket of no rain! We met them downtown for some coffee at Trade and Lore and figured why not start here!? From there the laughs ensued and they never stopped! After capturing a few shots of their personalities and connection, we decided since we were so close to Sky Bar, why not go up top and grab a few quick shots? Alan and I tried to slowly enjoy our beers but Jenny and Hannah totally rushed us so it was back to pictures :)

After soaking up a little downtown AVL, it was off to Craggy! That pocket of no rain soon closed in on us, so we spent the next 20 minutes talking and better getting to know Alan and Hannah, definitely time well spent! Once the rain finally let up, we knew we had a small window before the sun was going to be completely set so we made up way up the pinnacle trail and hit a couple of our favorite spots along the way. When we finally did make it to the top, we were greeted by beautifully textured skies and no crowds (thanks rain)! Alan and Hannah completely turned on the romance vibe, just in time for a perfect sunset! This is usually where our night would have ended up, having been up to Craggy Gardens earlier in the day to hang with my good buddy Bryan. As we sat cliffside and started getting philosophical, I actually noticed a cool angle I hadn’t in the past couple years. The idea was that if weather, time, and lighting permitted we would try a new shot! Thankfully the stars aligned and Hannah and Alan were totally game for one more shot! As they made their way back down the mountain to the opening you could just see from the upper overlook, they held each other close for one lost epic shot to end the night!

woman laughing as she walks with her fiance and he holds an umbrella for her
couple kissing underneath an umbrella
couple standing side by side underneath a tree
couple smiling as a man gives his fiance a piggy back ride
woman smiling as her fiance snuggles up on her from behind
couple smiling at each other as they hold each other close
couple kissing on the edge of a cliff during sunset
couple looking at the mountains together as they wrap their arms around each other
environmental portrait of a couple holding hands on a mountain top

Hannah and Alan are adventurous, quite the laugh riot, and a ton of fun to work with and we imagine their wedding day will only be that much better! Congrats you guys and thank you all as always for following along!


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