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Craggy Gardens Engagement: K + M

Updated: Mar 12

woman hugging her fiance from behind in the mountains

Every season brings with it the refreshing rush of change! Sometimes the change is subtle and gradual and at times it can be instantaneous. For anyone local to the Asheville area, you probably noticed how Summer seemed to all but skip fall and go straight to winter for a few days as we had an exceptionally cool beginning to October. For us, fall is a time we always look forward to. Having grown up up in Florida most of our lives, there’s just something so rewarding about being present as the leaves change, the temperatures lend themselves to cozy nights by the bonfire, and the landscape’s colors shift from cool greens to warm tones. It’s like ‘hey you made it past the heat, now enjoy this for a little while’ lol.

Though the leaves have been slow to change this year, our fall started off in the best way possible in the mountains with a super fun couple catching one of the most amazing sunrises we’ve ever witnessed, and enjoying the peacefulness that can come with finding yourself at high elevations during the early morning hours. That couple would be Katie and Morgan and that beautiful place we just described would be one of our all time favorites, Craggy Gardens! On the morning of their engagement session we arrived a few minutes early as always to get a feel for the temps, the lighting, and potential crowd which just happened to be non-existent that day. As we sat there in our car at the Craggy Visitor’s center sipping on coffee, we noticed the sky behind start to saturate the deepest reds, orange, and hints of purple. At this point the combo of an amazing sky, caffeine, and getting to meet Katie & Morgan in person for the first time had us a little jittery! A few minutes later we received a text from Katie and Morgan that they were running late but that they were on their way. Initially we were a little worried that we might miss mother nature’s masterpiece unfolding in front of our eyes, but Morgan and Katie arrived in record time. We won’t speculate their speed on the parkway (hey you gotta do what you gotta do right?). We were glad to see them, and truth be told, it was probably meant to be that they arrived when they did be the sky was in full bloom. After taking a couple of test shots prior to their arrival so we could maximize time, these two nailed their epic sunrise shot and within minutes of their arrival, the sky began to dissipate. Perfect timing.

engaged couple dip kissing during a vibrant sunrise

You would think it would be hard to follow up a start like that, but leave it Katie and Morgan to knock it out of the park. As we ascended the Craggy Pinnacle trail we laughed with these two almost the entire way up between breaths. Once we found ourselves at the top, Katie and Morgan soon found themselves in their happy place. Really happy place, look at those smiles. This set the tone and vibe for our entire session and as we worked our way down and around, Katie and Morgan continued to show us how good love looks caught up in the moment, and wrapped up in each other.

woman laughing as she hugs her fiance from behind

As their engagement session ended, we said good bye to Katie and Morgan and hello to fall. If their engagement was a sign of things to come this season (and believe me it was…ugh so behind on editing) we can hardly wait to share more share more of these journeys with you!

-Joe and Jenny

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