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Wolf Laurel Country Club Wedding: K + J

Updated: Mar 12

bride and groom holding each other close during sunset in the mountains

You’re probably thinking, ‘hey I know those cuties, where do I remember those faces from?’. Well, if you can’t quite put you finger on it, Kristy and Jordan’s engagement session was featured on our blog back in July of this year! Like Celine Dion, it’s probably all coming back to you now (more cheese to come just hold on tight). Their wedding day was full of sweet moments and as your probably saw from their engagement, these two were a ton of fun! I think from minute 1 Kristy’s infectious smile and personality had us laughing and that pretty much continued throughout the day. The absolute look of joy on her face when her and Jordan were around each other was undeniable. Their wedding was more on the intimate side and held at Jordan’s childhood church for the ceremony. The same church we utilized for part of their engagement.

The day started off with a little bit of light rain but nothing that was going to derail their plans for a first look. After equipping them both with umbrellas just in case, Kristy soon surprised Jordan on the side walk in between the courtyard and river. Afterwards we made the best of the overcast skies and squeezed in as many couples photos as we could! With the off and on rain, family hid in the covered areas as we soon started family photos. Their wedding ceremony would soon commence and it was a perfect mix of sweet reminiscing by Jordan’s dad who also officiated the ceremony, which saw plenty of happy laughs and tears.

small town church
church welcome sign
wedding guest looking over the bridge
groom adjusting his jacket
candid of the groom buttoning his jacket
traditional portrait of the groom looking at the camera
traditional portrait of the groom smiling
bride approaching the groom from behind for their first look
bride smiling as she approaches the groom
grom smiling in anticipation for the first look
groom smiling at the bride
bride and groom kissing underneath an umbrella
bride and groom walking underneath an umbrella
groom holding bride from behind
bride smiling as the groom kisses her on the temple
bride smiling as the groom nestles up on her cheek
bride showing off the back of her dress
bride's hands wrapped around the groom
bride making the groom laugh while she hugs him from behind
bride laughing as the groom walks away
bride and groom going in for a kiss as the groom sweeps her off her feet
wedding guests underneath the pavilion
wedding guests arriving to the church ceremony
wedding guests talking underneath a walk way
unplugged wedding ceremony sign
a little girl underneath an umbrella
bride and her father about to walk down the aisle
father of the bride and the bride walking down the aisle
church wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom looking at each other during the ceremony
preacher reading a passage from the bible during the ceremony
bride and groom laughing during the wedding ceremony
bride hugging her friend after the ceremony
various wedding guests being social
bridal portrait near the river bank
bride and groom looking at each other near the river bank
p.s. i love you sign
wedding welcome table
mountain view behind the reception venue
blue ridge mountains
fire pit set up for wedding guests
bride and groom entering the reception
bride hugging the groom during the first dance
groom kissing the bride's head during the first dance
bride laughing during the first dance
groom picking bride up as she laughs
bride and groom kissing during golden hour
dramatic lighting sunset portrait of the bride and groom in front of the mountains
bride and groom with their arm around each other enjoying the view
groom dip kissing the bride in front of the mountains
wedding guests socializing
the bride dancing with her grandfather
wedding guest dancing with his daughter
a little boy dancing
the bride and some of her friends with their fists in the air
best man giving a speech
groom crying during he best man speech
father daughter and mother son dance
groom dancing with his mom
father of the groom holding up a sign
mother of the groom crying at her table
another wedding guest crying during a toast
bride hugging her dad
bride and groom playing the shoe game
doughnut dessert table
doughnut cake
bride and groom eating a doughnut
a man and his wife dancing
older couple slow dancing
woman smiling while dancing
3 ladies all dancing
wedding guests breaking it down on the dance floor
the groom dancing with the bride with a beer in his hand
the bride and groom both laughing as they dance
bride and her friends line dancing
all the wedding guests with their hands in the air on the dance floor

After saying I do, they soon received a warm welcome from all of their guests! Then it was on to The Wolf Laurel Country Club for their reception. Prior to this we had been to the Wolf Laurel area before and we had even been in the same development that the country club was in, but we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful views. It was nestled perfectly amongst the mountains in Madison County! Their reception was captained by one of our favorite DJs in the business, Lucas London and to put it lightly, you definitely needed to bring your dancing legs for this one! One of the fun wedding details of the night was their cake, or giant doughnut, which was provided by Vortex Doughnuts! And if that wasn’t enough, it was covered by more vortex doughnuts, it was like a vortex of all things flavor (in all fairness I told there was more cheese coming). After an action packed evening like this we would usually end things on some kind of special exit, but in true Kristy and Jordan fashion they maximized every second to party and have fun! They surprised us earlier in the day with a special 6 pack of craft beer and Jenny’s favorite drink, they also invited us to stick around and enjoy a few drinks with them and their guests. Of course we had to take them up on their offer! This was one of those weddings where we were truly sad to see everything end, but like many of the couples we’ve been blessed to work with, we left this one not only with plenty of great captured memories, but with two new friends!

Big congrats to Kristy and Jordan and a special thanks to all the amazing vendors who helped make this day possible!

Reception Venue: Wolf Laurel Country Club

Doughnuts: Vortex Doughnuts

Catering: Wolf Laurel Country Club

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