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Black Balsam Engagement: Jake + Taylor

This fall was filled to the brim with weddings and engagements! There were days we were shooting in one state in the morning and another by the evening, and some days where we were heading back to the same spot multiple times. Fall is our favorite time of year and by far our busiest so during that time it’s easy for things to blur. Days run together, coffee is at an all time high for the year, and sleep…yea, still not sure what that is. It’s easy to see how a lot of people could get easily overwhelmed, but I guess we’re those weirdos that can’t get enough. One of our most memorable sessions from this fall was with Jake and Taylor at Black Balsam Knob. We first met them when Jake proposed to Taylor at Montford Rooftop Bar earlier this year. Amidst the excitement, the rush of the moment, and the cold weather, their proposal literally flew by! Even though we didn’t get a whole lot of time with them on that special day, we made a great connection and when the time finally came for their engagement we could not have been more excited!

It was one of those perfect days in the mountains that you always dream of as a photographer. It seems you only get a few every year where everything comes together flawlessly and this was totally one of them! If that wasn’t enough, Jake and Taylor just seemed to fall into place effortlessly no matter where we went with them (except for that one cliff, sorry Taylor!). Their engagement ended with a beautifully warm and magenta sky just minutes after the sunset and by this time the temperature started to plummet big time. Experience has taught us that if you don’t make time for that ‘one more shot’, you’ll usually regret it. Despite the cold, Taylor and Jake were totally game for a few more and it was so worth it.

These lovelies get married next September here in Asheville and we couldn’t be any more stoked to be a part of their special day! We have a feeling it’s going to pretty amazing!

Joe and Jenny

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