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Chestnut Ridge Wedding: Taylor + Tyler

Updated: Mar 11

traditional portrait of a bride and groom in front of chestnut ridge wedding venue

Taylor and Tyler’s wedding was the last day we visited Chestnut Ridge this year! If you haven’t stumbled upon this beautiful venue yet, it’s nestled beautifully among the mountains of western North Carolina about 30 minutes west of Asheville! It’s always a pleasure getting t0 come visit but Taylor and Tyler made it that much better! In truth this was our first time getting to meet them on their big day! Like many of our wedding clients who live states away, we don’t always get a chance to meet in person but after meeting with Taylor’s mom and connecting with them both on the phone, we knew we were going to be in for a fun wedding day! The moment I walked in the groom’s room it was a healthy dose of college football and cheers, or jeers depending on who you were rooting for. (full disclosure my gators won that one lol). It was bit more calm in the bride’s suite and as Brittney from Flawless made sure these beautiful ladies looked their best, we documented the lovely details of the day accented perfectly by the florals of our friends at Stargazers Designs!

Taylor and Tyler decided to have their wedding ceremony in the beautiful pavilion which was a great call as it was an exceptionally cool fall season this year for the area. After the short intimate ceremony as well as the swarm of love from the bridal party afterwards, our friends at Mingle Events helped us fly through the family photos just in time to capture some golden hour portraits for Taylor and Tyler! (Thanks Caroline!)

chestnut ridge wedding venue welcome sign
chestnut ridge wedding venue
bride's bouquet and shoes sitting on a chair
bride's rings sitting on her bouquet
reflection of bride's dress hanging off of a chandelier
bride's dress hanging from a chandelier in the bridal suite
bride getting lipstick applied
bride getting her lipstick put on
reflection shot of the bride getting her make up done
bride and bridesmaids hugging while sitting on a couch
bride and birdesmaids standing with their hands on their hips
portrait of the bride and her mother
bridesmaid helping another bridesmaid with her dress
maid of honor and mother of the bride helping the bride with her dress
bride's mother buttoning the bride's dress
bride's mother helping the bride with her shoes
bridesmaids and mother of the bride smiling at the bride
bridal portrait of the bride lifting her dress
bride's father walking into the bridal suite
father of the bride reacting to seeing the bride
bride smiling as her dad kisses her cheek
groomsmen all hanging out
groomsmen all laughing
football game on in the groom's suite
boutonnieres on top of a barrel
groom's party all getting ready
best man helping groom with his sleeve
best man buttoning groom's sleeve
wedding reception space at chestnut ridge
farm table at chestnut ridge
wedding table signs and greenery
greenery and florals in the reception space
indoor space at chestnut ridge
bridal party portrait in front of the mountains
bridal party bouquets all lined up
bridal portrait in front of the mountains
bride praying with her bridesmaids
groom's party portrait in front of the mountains
traditional groom's party portrait in front of chestnut ridge
wedding guests arriving to the ceremony space
wedding guests laughing while awaiting the ceremony start
wedding guests talking while seated in the pews
bride and her father walking down the aisle
groom smiling when he sees the bride for the firs time
officiant reading
bride standing with her dad and the groom during the ceremony
father of the bride smiling at her
wedding ceremony shot from behind the guests
bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
wedding ceremony at chestnut ridge
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride laughing as her and the groom walk back down the aisle
bride going in to hug her friend after the ceremony
bride and bridesmaid hugging
wedding party gathered around talking after the ceremony
wedding party hugging the bride and groom
full wedding party walking in front of chestnut ridge
bride and groom kissing in front of chestnut ridge
bride and groom smiling at each other in the fall colored trees
bride and groom holding hands and walking down a road
the bride looking at the camera as the groom looks at her
bride and groom holding hands
bride laughing as the groom whispers in her ear
sunburst coming through the trees right between the bride and groom
bride and groom entering the reception
bride smiling at the groom during the first dance
bride and groom sharing their first dance at chestnut ridge
bride and groom dancing shot from behind the guests
chestnut ridge reception space shot from the second floor
flower girls looking up and smiling
white wedding cake covered in florals
wedding reception at chestnut ridge near Asheville
father of the bride giving a speech
the bride's dad giving a speech
maid of honor giving speech
bride looking at the maid of honor
best man giving his speech
bride's mother laughing during toasts
groom laughing as the bride tries to feed him wedding cake
groom smiling as he and the bride cut the cake
father daughter dance
mother son dance
bride and groom clapping together

The reception could best be described in one word, FUN! Friends and family of all ages hit the dance floor and once they started, they didn’t stop until the sparkler exit late into the evening!

mother of the bride having fun on the dance floor
wedding guests dancing
bride's father throwing his arms up on the dance floor
flower girl and her mom swinging their hair
wedding guest laughing while dancing
mother of the bride laughing with her friends
groomsmen laughing and dancing
cell phone taking a picture of the bride on the dance floor
bride dancing with her niece
various wedding guests dancing during the reception
bride dancing with her two friends
wedding guests line dancing
group photo of the bride with her girlfriends
wedding reception shot from the second story
bride and groom exiting through sparklers
bride smiling during her sparkler exit

Taylor and Tyler's joy was infectious, and it was most evident by observing those around them. They both had the sweetest easy going demeanors with constant love and energy being reflected back to them by their friends and family. Any time we get to visit Chestnut Ridge it’s a pleasure, but getting to be a part of such genuine and kind people like Taylor and Tyler’s wedding make it truly special!

Big thanks to all of the amazing vendor's who helped make this day AWESOME!

Planning/Coordinating: Mingle Events

Men’s Suits: Mitchell’s Tuxedos

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