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Looking Glass Falls Surprise Engagement: E + E

One of the main reasons we were called to Asheville was the beautiful blue ridge mountains! When we leave town and come back there’s a sense of excitement and amazement as we see them in the distance welcoming us home! While the mountains are number one in our hearts, the waterfalls through out WNC are easily a close second! For our new friends Ernesto and Emily, the same sense of wonder and excitement drew them into Looking Glass Falls this past November. They were traveling up from Miami with their friends and hitting up all the good spots! Little did Emily know, Ernesto didn’t want to make the trip too looking glass just to see the falls. He had planned to propose to Emily and decided that the falls would be the perfect backdrop! We were so pumped! For one, you could feel how excited Ernesto was from the tone of his emails and also because this would be our third engagement at Looking Glass Falls and we knew just how beautiful it would be!

When the day finally arrived, so did the cold temps so instead of chancing it on the slippery wet rocks below, we decided to adjust last minute and use the platform overlooking the falls. Everything was a go and Ernesto and Emily soon arrived with their friends! Ernesto had planned to take pictures of his friends in front of the falls and do a couple different poses, but the one that stood out to us was when he had them stand back to back. In a matter of moments they were up and it was their friends now taking the photos. When they went back to back, we knew this was the moment. Ernesto soon turned before Emily and when she turned around to look at him, he was down on one knee! I would tell you how surprised Emily we’re pretty sure her reaction will tell all. Everything worked perfectly and we soon moved closer to capture all the beauty of this moment! The emotion alone made this one of our favorite proposals. Throw in the connection that Ernesto and Emily share and the fact that they were both so genuine and sweet, and this was easily one of our favorite engagements of the year! With that being said, we hope you enjoy the heck out of following along on this one!

Joe and Jenny

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