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27 Groomsmen Photo Ideas

Updated: Mar 6

groom in the foreground as his groomsmen lean on a rail in the background

Yes you read that right, an entire blog dedicated to the fellas! We remember years ago when we started our careers in the photography field. Much of our learning and research was centered around figuring out how to compose and execute our shots. For portraiture and weddings, one of the keys to that is how to set up your subject(s). With time we soon found Pinterest and Instagram to be useful tools for adding ideas to our arsenal but we also found them a little limiting with regards to certain subjects, mainly groomsmen photo ideas. Just one look for wedding photo ideas or inspiration and it will yield you countless images for couples. Different styles, angles, edits, expressions, lightings, backdrops, etc. The same goes for brides and their bridesmaids. What we’ve noticed over the years is that generally, your search will likely find about 6-8 groomsmen photos. Some of these are classics and should probably remain a staple in your go to shots! However, our goal with this article was to provide more ideas for photographers out there to keep pushing the expanding their arsenal and creating! Often times with experience we’ll find ourselves relying on a few ‘go to’ ideas and this can be great when you’re on a time crunch as well as if you just have a little mental lapse. I would say all of us probably need a few classic go to options we can rely on! But, if you’re ever looking to break out of the norm or you’re just looking to continue adding to your ideas, here are 27 groomsmen photo ideas that don’t require crazy photoshopping and don’t include the groomsmen freaking out over the groom’s ring (can we 86 that one already? lol). We’ve even provided some cheesy names to help you remember them!

The Classic

traditional groomsman portrait with hands crossed

This one is named the classic because well, it's the most classic shot for the groom and groomsmen. It's an easy go to that is a solid choice for almost any wedding as most couples are going to want at least one traditional photo of everyone looking at the camera. It's simple, and usually an easy way to start for most groom parties. There are some subtle tips for this one like making sure the hands are fairly uniform, heights are lined in a way that flows, etc. It's not something we put a ton of emphasis on, but it can definitely help bring some symmetry to your photo!

Classic Hands in Pocket

traditional groom's party portrait with hands in pocket

Easy transition from the classic, and a bit more relaxed.

The Entourage

groom's party all walking down the sidewalk

This one is a good one for getting some candid expressions and interactions from the guys. You can give them prompts, or ideas, but ultimately, the goal is to keep it loose and have them walk as a group.

The Basket Toss

groomsmen throwing the groom up in the air

I can't emphasize enough that this one isn't for everybody! (especially if you don't have liability insurance!) Feel out your crew, and if this seems like something that would fit and everyone is comfortable go for it! I will say having a wife that was a former all star cheerleader and coach overseeing everything made this one a lot easier than I'm sure it could have been!

The Spotlight

silhouette of the groomsmen while the groom is spot lit

Simple set up, just expose for your ambient and fill the shadows with off camera flash!

Groom Focus Center

groom in focus while his groomsmen are blurred out

This is a good option to make the groom more prominent while still incorporating the groomsmen. It also helps if you have a groom whose on the shorter side as bringing him towards the camera will give the illusion that he appears taller than the groomsmen in the background.

Groom Focus Off Center

groom in focus to the left as his groomsmen are blurred out to the right

Variation of the last set up

Stay Dry

groom and groomsmen standing underneath umbrellas

Don't fret if it rains! Invest in some cheap clear umbrellas and add a little character to just about any groomsmen photo!

The Mobster

groom and groomsmen smoking cigars

You can set this one up with a few variations but we prefer a layer or two to have some groomsmen in the back. Add in some cigar smoke and a well timed backlit flash and you create a cool effect with the smoke. Add a colored gel to create a little bit of mood and contrast.

The Walking Man

groom portrait as the groomsmen all walk by in a blur

Line up two rows of groomsmen and on your call have them walk towards each other and past each other as fast as they can. The right shutter speed should yield a nice motion blur. This one can be done hand held if you stabilize well enough and use the right shutter speed, but depending on your vision, you may need a tripod.

The Jump

groomsmen all jumping together

Again, know your group of guys before suggesting this one. It's actually one that gets requested a lot more than we suggest it, but it's a classic go to, that's easy to forget.

The No Look

groom looking at the camera while all the groomsmen look off

Exactly how it sounds. Generally you'll have none of the groomsmen look at the camera while the groom does. You can also opt to have him look elsewhere as well. It's an outside the box way to layer a lot of groomsmen. It can take a little longer to set up so keep that in mind if you decide you want to do this one.

The Stair Stack

groom's party all stacked on some snowy stairs

This is a great option for large groom's parties! Make sure you can see everyone's face and start layering!

The Stair Spread

groomsmen all spread out on the stairs

This one is great for a variation of the above or if you need to fill a little more space.

The Environmental

groom and groomsmen hanging out in front of the venue

Don't be afraid to back up with some of the groomsmen shots. It's a good way to incorporate more of the environment and also gives them a bit of a break compared to the up close portraits.

The Perspective

groom's party hanging out in front of a brick wall

This one is best shot with a wide angle lens from a lower angle. It also allows you to highlight the environment or a cool wall!

The Pick Up

groomsmen picking up the groom while the groom laughs

This one is one of those classic staples and gets requested a lot! To mix it up, don't be afraid to ask questions while they have the groom up or move in for close ups. It can help you capture some of their reactions.

Flying V

groom's party all standing in a v formation

This has been a popular request as of late and personally it's one of our favorite ways to set up the groomsmen!

The Selfie

groomsmen taking a selfie

Naturally the guys are going to want to get in a selfie or two by the end of the day. Take advantage of it and grab a shot! Sometimes the expressions you'll get are priceless!

The Board Room

groom and groomsmen sitting at a table

If you have a long table and enough space, this is a good option for a seated shot.

Story Time

groom and groomsmen all laughing and telling stories

Trust me when I say, every one of the guys usually has an inside joke or story about the groom they would love to share. This is great for capturing natural smiles and laughs from the fellas!

The Tunnel

groom shot between a tunnel of his groomsmen

Similar to the the board room but standing!

Close Details Upper Body

close up of groom's details

This is a good way to highlight some of the details of the groom and groomsmen outfits.

Close up Details Lower Body

groom's party socks and shoes

If the sock game is on point, trust me, the groomsmen are going to want a shot!

Hanging Out

groom's party all hanging out in a lounge

Odds are the groom's party is going to find itself with some downtime at some point in the day. Keep it casual and grab a few captures of them hanging! This is another great opportunity to get some great expressions.

The Cheers

groom's party all cheering a beer

If you're lucky enough to have a fun group with a few brews, always end on a good note and cheers it up!

The Album Drop

groom's party striking their best pose

Last but not least, this is a fun one because it usually loosens up the guys and they all know exactly what we mean every time we say "Alright fellas, album's dropping next week, let's see it."

At the end of the day, capturing what your clients want is most important. I know I joked about the ring photo above, but believe it or not, it’s still a semi-popular request. To add to that, as many of you reading this already know, our clients are trusting us with their vision and sometimes just want to be told what to do! I would say that’s even more common when it comes to working with the groom and the groom's party. While every group is going to be be different, experience has taught us, keep it light, let them have fun, provide clear direction, and if you have the option, add beer! We hope you will find a few of these groomsmen photo ideas helpful for your next wedding!

If you’re looking to dive deeper into your photography education or learn more about the wedding industry, remember JCM Photography provides one on one mentor sessions!

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