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Biltmore Surprise Proposal: Jarrett + McKenzie

Updated: Mar 6

man proposing to his girlfriend in front of the biltmore

You know those times where it just feels like everything is meant to be and all of the pieces of the puzzle fall perfectly into place? Well this is definitely one of those times! When Jarrett decided he wanted to propose to Mckenzie at The Biltmore, he knew he needed a plan to ensure everything would go just right in order to capture this special moment! In the days leading up to his proposal, we helped him solidify everything in terms of location, timing, all the way down to where Mckenzie should be when we walks so we can capture her reaction! One thing we did plan for was the possibility of rain and thus plan B was devised! Thankfully even with an 80% chance of rain that day and rain leading up to their proposal, we didn’t get a single drop! Jarrett soon dropped to one knee and if you couldn’t tell by McKenzie’s reaction, it was totally a yes (so sweet!). Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, these cuties were as comfortable in front of the camera as we’ve seen in a long time and they absolutely rocked their engagement session! After many congrats, beautiful captures, and hugs, we soon parted ways, and as we loaded our stuff into our car, the rain picked up right where it left off before their engagement, almost like it was meant to be.

woman reacting to her boyfriend proposing
woman smiling at her boyfriend as he proposes
woman jumping into her boyfriend's arm after he proposes
woman smiling and caressing in her fiance's face
newly engaged couple going in for a kiss
man smiling at his fiance as she smiles at the camera
man smiling as his fiance wraps up around his arm
engaged couple nestling foreheads
engagement ring
woman smiling as her fiance wraps her up from behind
engaged couple laughing while they walk down a path together
engaged couple holding hands and laughing
man pulling his fiance in for a big kiss in the snow
couple smiling while being framed by a brick tunnel
woman hugging her fiance from behind and smiling at him
woman wrapping her fiance up and pulling in him close
woman kissing her fiance on the cheek while they stand on the stairs

Big congrats to Jarrett & McKenzie and thanks as always for following along ya'll!

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