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Highgrove Estate Wedding: D + D

Updated: Mar 5

groom leading bride across an open field while they hold hands

What do Biltmore proposals in the snow, beautiful bridals, and storybook weddings all have in common? Well Dana and Dutch of course! We first connected with these two back in December of 2017 while Dutch was planning his surprise proposal to the love of his life Dana! While we believe every proposal is special, there was just something about the snow on the ground and the the emotion of that moment that made this by far one of our favorite surprise engagements! Even though we had just met, we couldn’t help getting caught up in the moment with these two! Their engagement was filled with snow, love, and plenty of laughs to go around. Shortly after this memorable day, Dana and Dutch had a proposal for us and asked if we would be willing to travel for their wedding in Fuquay Varina! There was no hesitation and even though we would have to wait almost another year, we were beyond excited to be a part of their special day!

We did manage to slip out to Fuquay Varina once before the wedding for Dana’s bridal session and she almost left us speechless. She was simply stunning from head to toe! As we explored many of the angles and scenes around Highgrove Estate, Dana moved with grace and beauty as if every spot we chose was made just for her! As if we didn’t have enough fun that evening Dana and Mary (her mom) invited us out for a bite with them before we left town and it really gave us an opportunity to slow down and connect as we spent time with her family and two of her best friends that came along for her bridal!

bridal portrait in the window light
bridal portrait in front of highgrove estate
traditional portrait of the bride smiling with her bouquet
bride's bouquet
bride looking down at her bouquet
bride smiling with her hand on her hip
dramatic lighting portrait of the bride looking down towards her shoulder

A few weeks later and their big day finally arrived! Dana and her bridesmaids sipped champagne and laughed it up while Dutch and his groomsmen opted for brews! Elegant wedding details dressed Highgrove Estate beautifully as acoustic Martin guitars filled their space with joyful melodies. Several moments throughout their wedding day stood out to us and at times we had to hold back tears. Dana and Dutch decided to share a first touch where the bride and groom don’t seen each other before their ceremony but they do hold hands. Some couples talk, others pray, and for many it can be quite the emotional moment. Dana and Dutch read their vows aloud to each other and as Dutch spoke to Dana’s heart, tears soon filled her eyes. It was a moment that you could’ve heard a pin drop and one we’re sure will stay with them through memory for years to come. The other part of their wedding that really stuck with us was the reception! Dana and Dutch apparently know all of the good dancers in town and from what it seems they all came to their wedding! Seriously, from the moment the dance floor opened up, to the last song, the reception was non-stop action!

highgrove estate wedding venue
highgrove estate wedding ceremony site
wedding welcome table
flowers in a mason jar down the aisle
wedding seating chart with keys
highgrove estate wedding reception area
table flowers in the wedding reception area
elegant table settings
table number 10
white wedding cake
old pictures of relatives
bridal details
bride's dress hanging from a chandelier
notes on the bottom of the bride's shoes
bride getting out of her limo
bride popping a bottle of champagne with her bridesmaids
bridesmaids cheering and laughing
bride doing a fun dance before the ceremony
bride and bridesmaids all hugging
bride's mother helping her with her dress
bride smiling in the mirror as she gets dressed
bride's mother and sister helping her with her shoes
bridesmaids all reacting to seeing the bride in her dress
bridesmaids helping the bride with her dress
bride and bridesmaid walking and laughing
traditional bridal party portrait
bride and bridesmaids hanging out and laughing
bride and bridesmaids relaxing their flowers and leaning on each other
bride laughing as she walks with her bridal party
groom helping his groomsman get ready
groom's party sitting and laughing
groom's boutonniere
groom's party taking a selfie together
groom smiling in the foreground as the groomsmen hang in the background
groomsmen laughing as they pick up the groom
groom sitting on a couch and talking to his groomsmen
bride looking at the groom around a corner as he reads his vows
bride crying as the groom reads his vows
wedding guests arriving to the ceremony
live musician playing guitar
bride walking down a staircase
groom awaiting the arrival of the bride
bride and her father both tearing up as they walk down the aisle
the bride and her father hugging
bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
bride and groom facing the officiant
bride and groom smiling at each other during the ceremony
bride and groom sharing their first kiss at highgrove estate
closer shot of bride and groom kissing
bride and groom walking up the stairs
bride and groom kissing at the top of the stairs
traditional portrait of the bride and groom in front of highgrove estate
bride smiling as the groom kisses her on the temple in the fall color
bride and groom smiling in front of a fall colored tree
bride and groom holding hands and walking across the fall leaves
bride and groom resting foreheads on each other
candid moment of the bride and groom laughing
full wedding party walking across a field
bride and groom holding hands in front of their wedding party
bride and groom entering the reception at highgrove estate
wedding guest giving a thumbs up
bride and groom laughing during their first dance
groom looking into the bride's eyes during their first dance
bride's dad smiling at her during their father daughter dance
bride resting her head on her dad's shoulder during their dance
groom dancing with his mother
groom smiling as he dances with his mom
bride's dad giving a welcome speech
bride and groom laughing while sitting at their sweetheart table
bride's dad giving a speech and the bride and groom laughing
sweetheart table
bride and groom cutting the cake
bride dancing with her friends
groomsman dancing and singing
wedding guests having fun on the dance floor
bride and bridesmaids hip checking each other
bride and her friends pointing at each other
wedding guest taking cell phone photo of the bride and groom and their friends
bride and groom dancing in the middle of the dance floor
bride and groom raising their arms in the air on the dance floor
bride and groom hugging on the dance floor
bride and groom kissing during their sparkler exit

Beginning to end this was by far one of the most fun weddings we were blessed to be a part of in 2018! There was never a dull moment, Dana and Dutch were the absolute sweetest, and the spirit of the day really showed through both of them as well as their guests! It was a day I'm sure none of us will soon forget!

Special thanks to all of the amazing vendors who helped to bring this day together!

Hair & Make up: Taylor Hudson

DJ: DJ Flair

Guitarists: City Folk

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