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RAD engagement Asheville: L + R

Updated: Mar 5

woman laughing as her fiance gives her a piggy back ride

If breweries, old buildings, railroad tracks, and street art are your things, then you’re going to love Lauren and Rob’s engagement near The River Arts District in Asheville (aka RAD)! Their engagement session was non-stop fun from beginning to end and totally a reflection of their playfully loving, but laidback personalities! Throw in 2 fur babies and some great local brews at The Wedge and I’m not sure it’s gets any better for an urban engagement! One of our favorite things about Lauren and Rob’s session was the fact that we were able to get some shots of them in front of the ‘Good Vibes’ silo before it was updated! For anyone that’s ever made the trip to downtown Asheville coming from 240 west, you know the spot we’re talking about. It’s the iconic silo with bright blue letters that was recently updated to “Stay Weird”. While I’m sure there will be plenty of attention to the update, we think it will be pretty cool to look back on these 10 years from now and be like “back in my day the tower said….” (lol just kidding), but it’s still cool to have a piece of that Asheville cultural history in your photos! Anyway, enough words, enjoy the visuals and thanks as always for following along!

woman laughing at her fiance being goofy
engaged couple sitting with some craft beers
man kissing his fiance on the cheek
traditional portrait of a couple smiling while holding their beers
couple laughing and sitting together while playing with their dogs
couple laughing together while they play with their dog
couple laughing together as they sit and enjoy beers
man carrying his fiance on his shoulders while walking his dogs
man hugging his fiance from behind in front of an industrial wall
engaged couple kissing framed between industrial art
couple holding each other in front of an old brick building
groom carrying bride over some railroad tracks
engaged couple holding hands and walking down an old railroad
man carrying his fiance on his shoulders in front of good vibes silo
engaged couple piggy backing each other
man laughing as he gives his fiance a piggy back
engaged couple doing a handstand together
couple kissing in front of a graffiti wall
engaged couple jumping off a ledge together
creative lighting silhouette in front of good vibes silo

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