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Max Patch Engagement Photos: L + S

Updated: Mar 4

bride gazing into the camera as the groom rests his head on her

Summer time is finally here and you know what that means! Well yeah, it means trips to the beach, grilling out, and cold brews, but we’re talking about engagements! Coming out of winter and into Spring in this area, sometimes it can take a while for all the foliage to come back into full bloom. Summer ends up being the time when all of the greenery tends to be back just about everywhere and it’s warm so our couples don’t mind adventuring into the mountains! Speaking of heading into the mountains, let’s talk about Sam and Lauren! Sam and Lauren contacted us a few months ago about shooting their engagement session in the mountains. Being from Charlotte, it’s not a terribly long trip but it does add up for anyone that’s ever gotten stuck going through Shelby or I-26 around Asheville. Nonetheless we were stoked they were making the trip out here and it was looking like a perfect night! After seeing one of our Anniversary sessions from Max Patch, they fell in LOVE with this location and we’re always down for catching one of it’s beautiful sunsets so they decided this was the spot! It might just be dumb luck but every single time we go to Max Patch we get a spectacular sunset! Many of the other mountain locations we frequent seem to always be 50/50 on clouds/fog/etc. That trend continued on this evening and as if that & Lauren and Sam’s chemistry on camera wasn’t enough, we were also blessed with a field of flowers! Can you say all the romance vibes? We joked on instagram after posting some of their sneak peeks that we could shoot these two every day if they let us and it was so true. Not only did these two nail everything for their engagement session, they were fun, and as we got to know them we soon found out they are both very driven, yet down to earth individuals. You couldn’t help but love them and we think you will too! Have fun following along!

engaged couple smiling at each other in the woods
man kissing his fiance's temple in the woods
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling
man and woman nestling foreheads together during golden hour
woman laughing as her fiance tickles her neck
woman smiling at her fiance as they walk through the woods
dramatic golden hour portrait of engaged couple looking at each other
moody engagement portrait in the sun haze
engaged couple framed between wild flowers
engaged couple with their arms around each other walking
engaged couple kissing during sunset
couple holding hands and walking towards the mountains
engaged couple looking at each other during sunset
woman looking at the camera as her fiance looks at her
woman wrapped around her fiance's arm during sunset
traditional portrait of a couple smiling during sunset
engaged couple resting foreheads on each other during sunset
a man cuddles his fiance as they sit in a field of flowers
man nestling up on his fiance's cheek as they sit together
man twirling his fiance in an open field
woman spinning in her dress in a flower field
man hugging his fiance from behind
moody vibes portrait of a man hugging his fiance from behind in the mountains
man picking up his fiance and spinning her around
motion blur photo of a couple kissing at sunset

Joe and Jenny

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