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Weddings and Engagements with Dogs!

Updated: Mar 3

bride kneeling with her golden retriever wearing a bowtie

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been blessed to work with countless couples for their engagements and weddings! For us one of the added bonuses of that is we have met A LOT of fur-babies! We made a joke at one point that we felt like the ‘Dogtographers’ of Asheville (lol). They say your vibe attracts your tribe and having 3 fur babies ourselves I guess we’re putting out good dog vibes because everybody keeps asking, “Hey is it cool if we bring our dog for photos?” to which you will probably always get a resounding yes from us!

(Meet our pups below! Charlie @charliesquee on IG, Lulu, and Squirrel!)

man holding up a dachshund like a scene from the lion king
woman holding a black and tan dachshund
man holding a chihuahua

Of course we love dogs so we’re always going to be like heck yea and definitely tell you to bring them to your engagement or wedding, but it can be a challenge. If you’re at all on the fence about it, we’re going to cover some of our favorite reasons below for incorporating your dog into your engagement session or wedding day, and some simple tips to help ensure everything goes smooth! And yes…for our visual folks, there will be plenty of “AWE!” inducing images below that just may convince you to bring your four legged friend!

couple kissing as they hold their golden doodle

Cuteness overload! Let’s be honest, one of the best reasons to bring your dog to your wedding or engagement is the cuteness factor! They tend to enhance the cuteness no matter what the occasion and incorporating them into some playful images, shots that put your lifestyle on display, or getting them dressed up (think Dachshund in a bowtie!) is just the thing to give your photos that little extra OMG!

They are a part of your family! We’ve always been a firm believer that our dogs are not just our pets but they are also the family members that we chose to be in our lives. Never did this hit us more than when we lost one our little Rocco this last year. Without getting too heavy it hit us pretty hard. As we spent the weeks afterwards healing we came across a timely article in psychology today that talked about why it can sometimes be harder to get over the loss of a dog than a human family member . In short, they talked about how our dogs tend to be a part of almost everything we do. They are there when you leave. They miss you when you’re gone. They’re happy to see you when you get home (every time!). They may be a part of your morning run, or weekend hikes. They grow with your relationship. They are a huge part of your life and engrained into almost everything. It’s a no brainer to include them in these special moments! When you consider they are not around quite as long as other family members may be, we think it’s even more important to include them in these chapters of your life!

It adds a unique element to your to your story. Bringing your dog to your engagement or wedding can change the way your interact, make you laugh, and bring out a different side of your for everyone to see.

dog in the foreground while a couple kisses in the background

As far as tips, you will likely know your dog best but based on experience, we usually recommend these general guidelines!

-Bring doggy bags

-Bring a water bowl, If you’re going on a hike or it’s a hot day, they may get thirsty.

-Bring dog treats – Besides giving them a little snack we find nothing grabs your pup’s attention better than saying the word treat and then directing their eyes towards the camera by holding it up to the lens

-Bring their favorite toy – Not only can this be a good attention grabber as well, it can also create some fun candid moments of you playing with them as a couple

-Ask your photographer about the terrain - many locations in Asheville and the surrounding areas can be pretty rugged. If your dog has any injuries, or is older, some spots may not be a good option.

-Dress your dog appropriately - we do winter engagements and weddings and it can get cold! If your dog is not a cold weather breed, make sure they have something to keep them warm!

-Consider bringing someone to dog sit in between shots so you can get some shots together without your dog. Being a husband and wife team we regularly help in this process with our clients but if you’re hiring a solo photographer, make sure to bring someone whose comfortable watching your pup, or ask your photographer if they have an assistant they can bring.

-If you're bringing your dog to your wedding day, consider designating someone to take care of them throughout the day, or hiring a dog sitter to come. Most weddings last all day and odds are, you’ll be spending much of your day doing things that won’t always include them.

engaged couple kissing their dog on the cheeks
groom carrying his dapple dachshund
groom standing and waiting with his pit bull
couple kissing on the edge of a cliff while their dog stands and watches
dachshund running into a wedding ceremony
traditional portrait of a couple smiling with their bernedoodle
couple smiling with their pit bulls by the water
engaged couple sitting with their long haired dachshund
couple smiling while holding both of their dogs on leashes
engaged couple holding their chihuahua

We hope you’ve enjoyed this one and if you’re considering bringing your dog to your engagement or wedding know that you already have our blessing :)

As always, thanks for following along!

-Jenny & Joe

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