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Black Balsam Knob Engagement: J + J

Updated: Mar 3

silhouette of a couple holding each other during sunset

This summer has easily been one of our favorites when it comes to the couples we’ve been blessed to connect with and their beautiful engagement sessions! We’ve literally had so many couples who were willing to get up long before the sunrise, drive a few hours, and go out for a challenging hike! The adventure vibes have been strong and by far one of the most fun and adventurous couples we’ve had the pleasure of meeting has been Jenny and JT! It didn’t matter what it was, these two were willing to get their feet wet (figuratively and literally!).

We went to a couple of our favorite spots with them in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains (Graveyard Fields Falls & Black Balsam Knob) and it was an absolutely perfect day! Although I will say I’m pretty sure we could’ve shot their engagement in a parking lot and had a blast. Jenny and JT are ‘that couple’! Their joy is infectious, their spirits are bright, and never is this more apparent then when they are being themselves and making each other smile. To say we are excited for their wedding later this year in Asheville would be an understatement!

As always we hope you enjoy and thank you all for following along! Big congrats to Jenny and JT on their engagement!

man helping his fiance hike down rocks
engaged couple holding hands on top of a big rock
woman pointing at her fiance and laughing
couple sitting on a rock in kissing
man helping his fiance get down from a boulder
engaged couple holding hands and walking on a river bed
arms wrapped around each other
woman laughing as her fiance hugs her from behind
couple going in for a kiss as a woman wraps around her fiance's arm
dramatic lighting image of a couple standing on a rock in a river
engaged couples feet on a rock
a couple jumping in the cold water together
couple having a splash fight in the water
man holding his fiance in a pool of water
couple sharing a romantic kiss at the base of a waterfall
couple sitting in the woods together laughing
engaged couple laughing at each other while sitting
woman leading her fiance across an open field during golden hour
woman laughing as her fiance wraps her up from behind
man giving his fiance a piggy back ride
couple snuggled up on a rock as the sunset starts
silhouette of a couple holding each other in the mountains
woman smiling as her fiance picks her up
dramatic lighting image of a man wrapping up his fiance from behind during sunset
dramatic lighting environmental portrait of a couple standing in the mountains

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