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The Best Camp Pinnacle Wedding...ever!

Strong title ehh? Trust me, if you were lucky enough to be one of the people at this wedding, vendors, guests, or otherwise you would feel the same! After getting to connect with Chelsea and her family prior to her and Hayes’ wedding day, we knew we were going to be in for a fun time, but I don’t think our imaginations could’ve prepared us for just how much fun (lol). Anyone who knows Chelsea will know what we mean by all of this. She is beautiful inside and out and if you looked up the definition of the word joy in the dictionary, there’s actually a picture of her right next to it. Seriously, she exudes fun and it radiates to all of those around her! We weren’t fortunate enough to meet Hayes prior to their wedding but having shared a few brews with Chelsea, we knew he had to be a heck of a dude! When we finally got to meet him at Camp Pinnacle on the big day, it was obvious these two were perfect for each other!

Their wedding day was filled with so many little moments and the real party started when the lights went down and DJ Quinn from Carolina DJ Professionals turned up the music! We have been to some pretty rad weddings at Camp Pinnacle in the past few years, but to see Chelsea and Hayes, and their friends & family on the dance floor, it’s like this place was built for them! From the moment the dance floor opened up, it was non-stop action and laughs as the music played and the shenanigans ensued! This was the first wedding I can remember where the groom and all of his buddies moshed to Rage Against The Machine and after that, I sure hope it isn't the last one! The masses finished a brand new handle of fireball whiskey in the time that it took to play PitBull’s “Fireball” and while clothes started to come off, at a certain point somehow the chosen few ended up in their underwear (no pictures to protect the guilt…err I mean innocent).

If you didn’t have a good time at this wedding you didn’t have a pulse! Chelsea and Hayes were all about making sure their loved ones had a weekend at Camp they would never forget and from our vantage point they more than succeeded! We’ve been a part of some pretty wild parties in 8 years of shooting weddings and but this one definitely set a new standard!

We’re stoked to have been a part of the fun and can’t thank Chelsea and Hayes enough for allowing us to document their big day! Also a special thanks to all of the vendors that helped make this day epic!

Catering: Camp Pinnacle

Coordination: Camp Pinnacle

Videography: Heartistree Studios

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