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Biltmore Proposal: M + B

Updated: Mar 2

man proposing to his fiance in front of the biltmore

What do romantic proposals, The Biltmore Estate, and amazing fall weather have in common? Matthew and Bess of course! 2 weekends ago we got be a part of the fun and all the feels! Having contacted us a few weeks prior to this special day, we could tell Matthew was so excited to get down on one knee and ask Bess to spend the rest of her life with him!

Matthew wanted a spot at The Biltmore that was just right and after sending him some locations, he decided that the secret garden (as we like to call it) would be the perfect spot at the estate for his proposal to Bess! When we arrived, the spot was clear and the light was beautiful which can be a rarity at this time in the morning! After staking out our spot, we soon saw Matthew and Bess approaching - - quick act natural right!?. People always ask, “How do you guys do it!?” They wonder if we hide in the bushes, pop out of roof tops, you name it. In truth, if you’ve ever visited the Biltmore in the past few years then you would soon see that everyone and their sister has a camera, many of which are pro level set ups. Between the gardens, the mountain views, the river on the back of the property, bass pond, the Biltmore house itself, and the countless scenic pathways, there’s a little something for every photographer or camera enthusiast. We always tend to go with the hidden in plain sight approach, just another tourist with a camera. Thankfully this tried and true approach worked again and I don’t even think Bess noticed us as Matthew led her to the spot. Before you knew it, he was down on one knee and Bess’ reaction was the absolute sweetest! We gave them a few minutes to take in all the excitement and soon transitioned to an engagement session (BTW, were their outfits not perfectly coordinated!? Well played Matthew, well played).

man holding his girlfriend's hands
woman covering her face after her boyfriend drops to a knee
a man smiling at his girlfriend after proposing
woman holding her boyfriend's hands as he proposes
engaged couple kissing in front of the biltmore
engaged couple hugging
woman shedding a tear after her fiance proposes
engagement ring on a rose
engaged couple holding hands and walking in front of the mountains
couple smiling at each other in front of the mountains
woman kissing her fiance's cheek in front of the mountains
engaged couple with their arms around each other looking at the mountain view
woman wrapped around her fiance's arm
engaged couple laughing together in front of the biltmore estate
woman's wring wrapped around her fiance's shoulder
engaged couple holding hands framed between two trees
couple framed between architecture at the biltmore
engaged couple laughing together at the biltmore
woman smiling as her fiance kisses her cheek
engaged couple kissing in front of the biltmore

Big congrats to Matthew and Bess and thank you all as always for following along!

Joe and Jenny

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