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Hawksbill Adventure Engagement: J + J

Updated: Mar 2

man holding his fiance on the edge of a cliff in the mountains

You know how you have those days and situations where no matter what happens, everything seems to fall into place just right? Our friends Jess and Josh certainly do! They recently had their adventure engagement up at Hawksbill and despite mother nature’s best efforts to thwart that from happening, and maybe a little incident known on social media as “ring gate 2019” #ringgate2019, everything worked out perfectly! Jess and Josh were visiting from out of town to explore the Asheville area with friends as well as check out some wedding venues while they were in the area! They contacted us about 3 weeks prior to their trip as they were looking to get engagement photos while they were here. Even though they had a tight itinerary, and our schedule is crazy this time of the year, there was one day that looked like it would work! After gaining a sense of how adventurous they were over email and their IG profiles, we knew we needed to go somewhere special for their session. After showing them Hawksbill, they were hooked on that location and couldn’t wait! As we counted down the days to meeting these two, the chance of rain seemed to keep going up and up. True to their adventurous nature, they didn’t hesitate at all when we proposed a sunrise engagement instead of sunset like we had originally planned. If you’ve been following us for a while now, then you know Hawksbill is a bit of a challenge as compared to the normal “mountain engagement”. If this is your first time hearing about this amazing place let’s put all of that into perspective. Jess and Josh were going to have to wake up around 3:45am, get ready, drive a couple of hours into a pretty remote area without much in the way of phone signals and wifi, and endure a steep 40 minute hike before the sunrise in order to catch the beautiful sky. The fact that they were 100% all in made us love them even more and we hadn’t even met them yet at this point! I know what you’re thinking, “But guys what about ring gate? What the heck is that?” (almost there lol).

The morning of their engagement everything seemed to be going fine and we got a call from Jess. She forgot her engagement ring at the place they were staying at and they had to turn around to go get it. Thankfully some of their friends they were traveling with were able to meet them half way instead of going all the way back. Best….friends….ever! When Jess and Josh arrived I think there was a sense of ‘we’re finally here, let’s do this!’ These two didn’t waste any time ascending the mountain and I’m pretty sure if they wanted to, they could’ve dropped us and waited at the top, but thankfully they hung back and we were able to get to know them both as we all embraced the grind up Hawksbill. Naturally for us, there was a little bit of a worry that with things starting a tad late we’d miss the good light at the top, but remember that opening sentence about everything falling into place just right? The only thing better than the light on this beautiful morning was Jess and Josh’s chemistry on camera! They laughed, enjoyed the views, made time for a quick blanket snuggle, and most importantly they loved! These two absolutely rocked their engagement session and it was one that we won’t soon forget! Congrats to Josh and Jess on their engagement and thank you guys for being willing to explore with us no matter what life threw your way!

Special thanks to Jess’ sister Lauren for helping out and being a trooper for the hike and the cold!!!

sunrise in the blue ridge mountains
woman holding her fiance's hand and hiking
man kissing his fiance on the cheek while looking at the view
woman smiling while her fiance kisses her cheek
woman smiling as her fiance kisses her temple during sunrise
woman hiking up a rock with her fiance
a woman laughing while holding her fiance's hand
man leading his fiance out towards the edge of a cliff
engaged couple holding hands and looking at the mountain view
engaged couple hugging on the edge of a cliff
man nestling up on his fiance's cheek at hawksbill mountain
traditional portrait of an engaged couple smiling
woman smiling while hugging her fiance closely
man hugging his fiance from behind while standing near a cliff
man kissing his fiance on the temple while she smiles
woman smiling while her fiance wraps her up on a blanket
engaged couple sitting while laughing together
woman brushing her hand through her hair while her fiance hugs her
woman's engagement ring on her fiance's arm
couple sharing an intimate moment at hawksbill mountain trail
man caressing his fiance's face in
couple laughing as a man hugs his fiance from behind
engaged couple holding hands and hiking up a mountain
double exposure of a couple looking at the mountain view
a woman laughing after her fiance said something funny
a couple kissing while the sun backlights them perfectly
couple laying down and laughing at each other

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