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2023 Year in Review: All of the weddings!

Updated: Jan 24

dramatic sunset portrait of the bride and groom in front of the mountains

The time is upon us my friends!  As 2023 draws closer to an end, the temps are dropping, the snow has already made it’s presence known, and  the holidays are wrapping up!  This was another amazing year where it feels like it just flew by.  We were saying to ourselves as we gathered images from every wedding, “Oh wow, was that this year!?”  We were blessed to connect with so many awesome couples on the east coast and west coast!  Having spent a significant amount of time (4 months) in Wyoming this year, it felt like there was a bit of separation in time that we weren’t used to.  The separation of brands on each coast has proven to be a fun little change up from the usual to something different which has been refreshing not only from a photography perspective but also from a human aspect.  Getting the opportunity to continue exploring, meeting new people from different parts of the country, and shooting in different situations has been great for the soul.

In 2022, we had our busiest year ever just 2 years post government shutdowns and restrictions.  With all of the couples that were displaced in 2020 and needed to reschedule, we ended up having such an abundance in 21’ and 22’.  2023 proved to be a shift back towards normalcy when it came to volume.  Prior to 2020 we were averaging almost 80 weddings per year.  The last two years saw that shoot up to 100+ with all of the couples needing to reschedule, and the normal influx of couples wanting to say their I dos.  This year we were back to normal with 80 weddings/elopements.  It’s funny to think that this almost felt like a light year.  We got so used to the non-stop rush of the last two years, but it was a much needed balance added to our otherwise insanely busy lives!

2023 By the numbers

  • 80 Weddings & Elopements

  • 55 weddings on the east coast; 26 West Coast

  • East Coast = 5% elopements

  • West Coast = 69% elopements

  • 1 wedding every 4.5 days

  • 33 Different venues

  • 2 Private property/air bnb weddings

  • 72% of our weddings were outside of Asheville

  • 31% of our weddings were outside of WNC

  • 5 States - (NC, SC, TN, MT, and WY)

  • 346,000 - Approximate number of wedding photos taken

  • 33% - Of our couples also had an engagement session

*******652 weddings/elopements in 8 years!!!*******

3 Fun things from this year:

-We shot our first wedding in Montana (in the middle of winter!)

-We shot our first wedding above 9,000ft above sea level (we were so sore the next day!)

-Almost 30% of our weddings/elopements took place in National Parks or National Forests this year


As always, we wanted to send out a big thank you to our amazing couples for allowing us to be a part of your stories!  We are immensely grateful for your continued love and support!  A huge thank you to our Balsam teammates Jesse and Megan for their hard and amazing work!  Last but not least, a huge shout out to all of our wedding vendor friends!  We work hard, we have fun, but having people we love to share the journey with makes it that much more special!  We look forward to sharing many more weddings and adventures with you all in 2024!

Bride and groom dip kissing under the lights at night at The Rutherford in Greenville, SC

Saber military ceremony exit at point lookout vineyards

Editorial style portrait of a couple at the vineyards at betty's creek

Sunset portrait of the groom kissing the bride's cheek in the mountains

Wedding couple walking under an umbrella in the rain

Bride and groom laughing during golden hour

The bride laughing while being twirled during her first dance at Alexander Homestead Weddings

Nature inspired wedding ceremony at The Fields of Blackberry Cove

Bride and groom sharing first touch during their wedding day at Weaverhouse

Dramatic rainy wedding portrait at Claxton Farm

The bride smiling at the groom as she kisses her hand

Environmental portrait of the bride and groom walking on a deck

Wide angle shot of the ceremony pavilion at the parker mill

Bride and groom holding hands and walking in the gardens at Alexander Homestead

The couple sharing their first kissing during their ceremony at Homewood in Asheville, NC

Bride and groom laughing together

Cute moment of a bride and groom laughing at the parker mill

A bride and groom laughing in front of the mountains

Dramatic lighting portrait under a chandelier

Fall wedding portrait of a couple kissing in Asheville

Soft light portrait of a bride and groom on the mountain top at the parker mill

Creative reflection portrait of the bride and groom holding hands and walking

Groom kissing the bride's cheek under the veil

The bride and groom raising a toast with fresh beers

dramatic night portrait in front of Homewood in Asheville, NC

The bride smiling at the groom during golden hour

Night time firework exit shot of bride and groom at the parker mill

The bride and groom popping a champagne bottle at Hawkesdene

The bride laughing when her groom reacts to his wedding gift

The bride and groom sharing an intimate moment at sunset

Environmental portrait in the forrest near a river of the groom holding the bride

Sunset phot of bride and groom on a rock at hidden hill venue

Fun dance floor reception moment of the bride and groom being lifted by their guests

Creative reflection portrait of the bride and groom in the gardens

Bride and groom holding hands and walking at Alexander Homestead

The bride and groom kissing between fireworks at Duncan Estate

Golden hour sunset portrait of a couple on a dock

The groom holding the bride in front of the fall colored mountains

bride and groom smiling while holding each other between a row of Christmas trees

Creative portrait of the bride and groom in front of Homewood wedding venue

Environmental portrait of a couple holding hands and walking in a field

Groom kissing the bride on her cheek during sunset at Biltmore Forrest Country Club

Delightfully artsy wedding ceremony at Highland Brewing Co.

The bride smiling while being held by the groom in the gardens at Alexander Homestead Weddings

Fun family photos of the bride and groom with their kids

Fun wedding photo of the bride raising her bouquet in the air while they walk away

Fall wedding portraits in front of yellow tree

A couple laughing together on their wedding day

Bride being twirled by the groom in front of the mountains

The bride and grooms dog looking excited as it walks towards the camera

Mountain top wedding ceremony

The bride and groom kissing as horses run by in the background

The bride laughing as the groom whispers in her ear

The groom picking up the bride and swinging her during their first dance

Bride and groom kissing on the side of a cliff overlooking the river

bride and groom holding hands and running in front of the mountains

creative reflection shot of a wedding ceremony

Bride and groom kissing on an iron bridge

The bride and groom kissing under an umbrella while the rain falls

A wedding couple dancing in front of the mountains

See you next year!

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