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Pretty Place Wedding : C + N

Updated: Feb 2

bride and groom smiling at each other at pretty place

If you’ve been following us on social media recently, then you no doubt have seen Caroline and Nate gracing our posts! These two absolutely rocked it on their wedding day and while I like to think we make all of our couples comfortable, these two effortlessly fell into place like they had been practicing for months! Like many of our couples from out of state, our first connection was on the phone and after finding out Cindy (her mom) and Caroline were both educators (and I used to be an art teacher) we hit it off! We did eventually get to meet Caroline and her parents in person for a little dinner in downtown Asheville and it was like hanging with a few old friends. Just from the conversations and laughs, we knew Nate must have been a heck of a guy and we were excited to meet him as their big day quickly approached.

When their wedding day finally arrived, the ladies found themselves at Haywood Park Hotel and the guys at The Cambria Hotel in downtown Asheville, two of our personal favorites! It probably doesn’t seem like much but one thing you learn quickly as a wedding photographer, not all getting ready spaces in hotels are created equally and these are two of the best, especially if you can squeeze in some rooftop action before heading out. The beginning of the day was filled with all the excitement you would expect but hardly any nervous energy. I think the combination of their special connection with each other and being surrounded by an awesome crew of family & friends made for a super smooth and fun beginning of the day!

Caroline and Nate’s wedding ceremony was held at one of our favorite venues in the area and funny enough, technically it’s in South Carolina! It’s Pretty Place Chapel and it’s just over an hour outside of Asheville. If you’re coming from the NC side, you’ll typically pass through the beautiful Dupont State Forest area to get there. It’s a location that very much still feels like NC and a ceremony venue that has become iconic in the region for it’s breathtaking views. It was the perfect setting for their love story and we had a blast getting to document all of the beautiful moments. Our favorite part of the ceremony was when Caroline and Nate invited all of their family up to the altar to pray with them during the ceremony. It was one of those special moments where you’re overtaken with a feeling joy and sacredness as two families become one, and two hearts become one.

As we mentioned previously, you usually have to pass through Dupont to get here and since Caroline and Nate had a little extra time, we decided to take advantage of some of the surrounding natural beauty here as well before heading back to Isa’s for their reception. It was a fun evening highlighted by many laughs and really good food. It was an amazing day with two of the sweetest people you will ever meet and one that we won’t soon forget! Big congrats to Nate and Caroline and we hope you all enjoy as you follow along!


pretty place wedding chapel

inside of pretty place wedding chapel

groom's party portrait at pretty place chapel

live music at pretty place chapel

mother of the bride telling people where to go

groom and groomsmen walking into the ceremony

bride's father walking her into pretty place chapel

bride smiling as her father walks her down the aisle

bride kissing her mother on the cheek

bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony

bride smiling at groom during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom smiling as they put their rings on

mountain wedding ceremony at pretty place chapel

bride and groom holding hands during their pretty place chapel wedding

family praying with bride and groom

bride and groom sharing their first kiss at pretty place chapel

recessional for bride and groom

guests throw flower petals at bride and groom

groom kissing his grandma on the cheek

bridal party portrait in front of the ceremony space

bridal party portrait in front of the ceremony backdrop

bride and bridesmaids smiling and leaning on each other

bridesmaids all laughing while surrounding the bride

maid of honor touching bride on the nose

traditional portrait of bride and groom at pretty place chapel

bride and groom kissing at pretty place chapel

bridal portrait in pretty place chapel

groom holding the bride as they sit in pretty place chapel

groom kissing bride on the cheek in front of the mountains

dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom by the water

Special thanks to all of the amazing vendors!

Ceremony Venue: Pretty Place Chapel

Reception Venue: Isa's French Bistro

Getting Ready Location: Haywood Park Hotel

Getting Ready Location: Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville

Catering: Isa's French Bistro

Coordinating/Planning: Caroline Lohan (MOB)

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