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Pretty Place Wedding : J + R

Updated: Feb 9

couple sitting on a pew in pretty place chapel

If you like fun couples, stylish taste, and beautiful wedding venues, then this one is for you! Meet Rachael and Josh! We connected with them in person for the first time last year for their sunrise engagement session in Lake Lure, NC! Instantly we hit it off with these two! Josh and Rachael are as fun as they come and we’re pretty sure they couldn’t do one thing wrong camera if they tried! (did we also mention quite hilarious?) They had a playful chemistry for days which made it hard not to smile behind the camera. A few weeks later they brought their friends and family along for the fun and it definitely made for one heck of a wedding day!

Josh and Rachael got married at one of our favorite wedding venues in the area, Pretty Place Chapel in Cleveland, SC! There aren’t many venues between NC and SC that possess the view, natural beauty, and popularity of Pretty Place. One step inside this amazing location and it’s easy to see why. Their getting ready and reception venue was Forever Home Farm. It was virtually unknown to us, but we’re definitely hopeful to visit again soon! It had a distinct charm and great views which complemented Josh and Rachael’s big day perfectly, but don’t take our word for it, give it a scroll and follow along!

groom's hands as they hold the bride's letter
bride looking at her hair in the mirror
bride's ring on her bouquet
groomsman feed his baby
groom tucking in his shirt
bride smiling at her sisters
bride's father smiling when seeing her for the first time
bride hugging her father
traditional bridal portrait
bridal portrait looking off to the right
groom's party portrait at pretty place chapel
groom smiling as he walks down the aisle
groom smiling at his bride
groom smiling at the bride during the wedding ceremony
bride smiling at the groom during the wedding ceremony
pretty place chapel wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride laughing during her recessional
wedding party portrait at pretty place chapel
bridal party portrait at pretty place chapel
bride and groom kissing on the edge of a cliff at pretty place chapel
bridal portrait in the mountains
married couple sitting at pretty place chapel
traditional wedding portrait at pretty place chapel
bride and groom sitting and smiling at each other
bride and groom holding each others butts
bride and groom kissing framed by pretty place chapel
bride and groom smiling in front of a vintage truck
bride and groom holding each other close
bride hugging groom from behind during golden hour
bride's hands wrapped around groom
bride and groom kissing during golden hour
bride and groom holding each other close during golden hour
bride and groom side by side in front of a barn
bride and groom's outfits
bride smiling as she holds groom's lapel
sunset portrait of a bride and groom kissing

Ceremony Venue: Pretty Place Chapel

Reception Venue: Forever Home Farm

Planning/Coordinating: Bishop Event Planning

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