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Hawksbill Adventure Engagement : A + C

As the afternoons start to warm up and you can feel the sun hitting your skin, I can’t help but think back about all of the awesome winter session we were blessed to shoot these past few months! One of our absolute favorites that come to mind was Courtney and Austin’s adventure engagement session at Hawksbill! During our phone call with them prior to their engagement, we quickly discovered they were two of the coolest people ever! I.e. they mountain bike too, which is pretty much an unspoken bond in the two wheeled world! We instantly hit if off and we knew they were going to be adventurous and a ton of fun!! As we alluded to earlier, we had a super busy winter and the day Courtney and Austin were looking to do their engagement was the day after we got back from Wyoming. Did we mention it was also going to be sunrise, and like 25 degrees!? Being gluttons for punishment when it comes to lack of sleep, we decided to rock it and meet them at the crack of dawn in the snow to make the strenuous hike up Hawksbill! They were troopers through and through. Considering mountain bikers generally build up a tolerance to suffering, they didn’t mind the cold at all! Our talented teammate Sarah joined me for this early morning as Jenny sprained her knee a few weeks prior. Beyond her awesome captures, it was essential having her there to hold the flash on the unstable snow covered terrain for some of our key shots! (Thanks Sarah!)

Courtney had mentioned prior that she would love to have snow in her engagement photos! Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather around here, you honestly never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you try your best to predict when you will get a good snow, but often times you’re just guessing. In the days leading up to their engagement photos, Asheville and the surrounding areas got pounded by the snow! We knew with the rugged terrain at Hawksbill and the higher elevation in that area we should have a fairly snow covered area, and boy did they ever time it just right! The snow added a beautiful blanket of white on just about everything which made for the dreamiest of winter shoots! Throw in these lovelys and a lot of laughs, and it’s easy to see what we had a blast capturing their engagement!


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