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Rydell & Katie's Engagement Day

man proposing to his girlfriend in front of The Biltmore

    It’s no secret if you’ve been following us for a while, surprise proposals are one of our favorite things to capture!  For one, there’s just no substitute for the excitement and emotion that oftentimes comes with capturing these special moments!  That genuine feeling carries on throughout the session and we typically get couples feeling excited, in the moment, and not stressed about a million other things.  In other words, conditions are ideal.  Another reason we love proposals is getting to meet so many sweet couples like Rydell and Katie!  We could tell from the initial inquiry that Rydell was crazy about Katie and he wanted to this to be as special as possible for her!  One of the fun and unique elements about working with Rydell to help him execute his vision here in Asheville was he wanted to do what we call a split session.  He was envisioning proposal at the always iconic Biltmore Estate, and doing something later that evening around sunset in the mountains.  With no shortage of mountain engagement options in our area, we discussed a plethora of locations but he ultimately ended up landing on one of our absolute favs, Carver’s Gap/Roan Mountain.  It’s a little off the beaten path and 90 minutes from Asheville but the views here are so worth it!  With the timing of everything, it ended up being right at the beginning of our leaf season so we had the added bonus of the first bits fall color popping in!

From the get go, these two were as sweet as could be, especially with each other.  Their subtleties in body language always found them falling right into place and their smiles were downright contagious.  We can’t wait to see where the future takes these cuties and as always, we hope you all enjoy following along on their special day!

a woman reacting to her boyfriend's proposal at the biltmore

couple hugging moments after their proposal at the biltmore

engaged couple kissing at the biltmore

couple smiling happily at the biltmore

woman wrapping her arms around her fiance's neck and smiling

couple walking together under a row of trees

couple laughing together during their engagement

man kissing his fiance on the cheek in front of flowers

couple smiling at each other and holding hands

woman smiling as her fiance kisses her on the cheek

engaged couple kissing in the architecture at the biltmore

engaged couple sitting and laughing together at the biltmore

couple sharing an intimate moment in a greenhouse

woman wrapped around her fiance's arm smiling
man wrapping up his fiance from behind and smiling

woman caressing her fiance in closely

engaged couple kissing in the woods at roan mountain

man kissing his fiance's shoulder

traditional portrait of a couple smiling in the mountains

engagement ring on a christmas tree

engaged couple walking across carver's gap together

couple laughing during their engagement at carver's gap

couple holding hands and walking at roan mountain

man dip kissing his fiance at carver's gap summit

couple smiling at each other as they hold hands and walk

engaged couple cuddling their heads together

couple kissing in an open field of mountains

couple holding hands in front of the mountains and looking opposite directions


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