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Asheville Mountain Engagement : C + K

engaged couple sitting on the edge of a cliff during sunset

    We met so many amazing couples this past fall and shared in so many amazing adventures!  One of our absolute favorites was Cliff and Kelsey’s mountain top engagement just outside of Asheville.  We actually connected with Cliff and Kelsey through one of my old mountain bike buds in FL, Chris!  With referrals form friends and former clients, you can almost always count on a great connection.  This was definitely the case with Cliff and Kelsey.  I still remember our first call with these lovelys.  I’m pretty sure we were laughing and talking about everything but their wedding day.  Always a good sign.  We instantly loved these two and we couldn’t wait to meet them in person for their engagement session!  For the purposes of keeping foot traffic to a minimum (if that’s even a thing anymore) we’re not going to disclose their location.  Just know that it was in the beautiful blue ridge mountains a couple of hours outside of Asheville.  We found out on that hike Cliff and Kelsey not only had great cardio but these cuties have chemistry on camera for days!  We all picked up right where left off on the call and I think the only time we were silent was catching our breath on some of the steep pitches.  It didn’t take much to get these two warmed up but by the time we reached the summit for a little cliff side fun, they were absolutely rocking their engagement session!  We ended the evening with some refreshments before we made the steep hike back down in the dark!  Their session was filled with all of the golden hour goodness, belly laughs, and a deep connection that we can’t wait to see on full display when Cliff and Kelsey say I do this year!  Cheers!


engaged couple holding hands and hiking a trail

traditional portrait of a couple smiling

candid moment of a couple laughing together

engaged couple laughing together during golden hour

close up of couple laughing together

engaged couple standing on the edge of a cliff during sunset

couple holding hands and walking across a mountain top

Couple holding hands and walking into the sunset

engaged couple sitting cliff side at hawkbill mountain

couple smiling while sitting on a cliff

man wrapping up his fiance from behind while standing near a cliff

bride nestling up on groom's cheek

couple holding each other and laughing

traditional portrait of a couple standing on a cliff

couple holding hands and walking up the mountain

woman leading her fiance down the mountain

couple smiling while holding on to each other

couple popping a bottle of champagne

engaged couple pouring champagne

silhouette of couple kissing during sunset

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