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The Parker Mill Engagement: A + K

Updated: May 22, 2020

If you’ve been following any of the up and coming WNC wedding scene this last year then you have no doubt heard the buzz about The Parker Mill! If you haven’t, it’s a historic sawmill wedding venue about an hour west of Asheville, NC! Being nestled right in the heart of The Great Smoky Mountains gives The Parker Mill some of the most beautiful views in WNC! We had a chance to meet the owners Alexis and Brock a few months back and we were absolutely blown away by the work they had done to this place to create a unique wedding venue. The bridal suite is unmatched in this area, the spacious groom’s quarters leaves little to be desired, and the way they’ve been able to preserve the history of their property while bringing everything up to have that modern rustic charm is truly amazing. To say we are excited to shoot our first wedding here would be an understatement!

We were recently blessed with the opportunity to work with one of our Parker Mill couple’s for their engagement session! Katie and Aaron were in town making progress on all of their wedding planning and they figured what better time to do their engagement photos!? With much of the area being closed at the time we scheduled it, we brainstormed and thought 'what if we did their engagement session at their venue?' We had heard during our tour of the The Parker Mill that they had a special spot on their property at the very top of the mountain reserved just for their couples. We were excited at the prospect of getting to check it out a little early and after the thumbs up from Alexis and Brock we decided to give it a go! Boy are we glad we did! Katie and Aaron said they wanted mountain views for their engagement and they could not have picked a better location! Their playful personalities shined through like the golden hour light that evening and gave us a beautiful preview of what to expect on their wedding day next year!

Special thank you to The Parker Mill for letting us come visit, and a big congrats to Katie & Aaron on their engagement!

Venue: The Parker Mill

Hair & MU: Morgan Hawkins

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