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Craggy Gardens Engagement Session : K +D

Updated: Feb 9

engaged couple kissing during sunset in the mountains

Any day we get to visit Craggy Gardens is a good day, but add in Kelsie and Dustin for a little engagement session action and we were definitely on cloud nine (pun intended for anyone whose ever visited Craggy). At nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, this beautiful location is what we always jokingly call our “50/50” location. Literally, almost half of the time you go up there it is engulfed in clouds. Even if it’s blue skies all around it, you will get to the top of the pinnacle trail to be greeted by a blanket of cloud cover preventing you from seeing the amazing views this location is known for. This was actually our first visit to Craggy Gardens Pinnacle Trail in a while due to the Parkway being closed seasonally. You would think visiting a stunning location like this over and over would kind of make it lose it’s appeal there is just something about this location that’s quite breathtaking and majestic every time we get to visit. From the beautiful rhododendron tunnels on the way up to the long distance views at the top, Craggy is hard to beat. Our couples absolutely love it when we show previous album so we’re always grateful when the weather cooperates!

For Kelsie and Dustin’s engagement, we were stoked because we were going to get to meet them for the first time, and it was looking like we were going to be in for a perfect evening! When we arrived, it was a little breezy and the temps definitely dropped from Asheville, so we were wondering how they would hold up, especially in Kelsie’s dress, but these two absolutely crushed their engagement session! They embraced their surroundings, they embraced the wind, and most of all, they were wrapped up in the moment with each other. We would’ve been happy with that, but mother nature also decided to provide us with one of the most spectacular sunsets I can remember in recent times which was the perfect way to cap off a fun evening in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

couple kissing in front of a sun burst
couple sitting on a tree
engaged couple sitting together
silhouette of a couple holding each other in the mountains
man hugging his fiance from behind during golden hour
man nestling up on his fiance's temple
couple standing together on a cliff in the mountains
woman smiling as her fiance nestles up on her ear
couple holding each other during sunset

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