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Craggy Gardens Engagement Session: C + J

You know those dreamy engagement photos that everyone wants? C’mon, you know. Beautiful location, perfect weather, amazing lighting, and a ridiculous sunset to boot? Well that would be Morgan and Jordan! Truth be told, their engagement session was a combination of two sessions because the first time we took these cuties to the mountains we were greeted by a foggy white out that engulfed the landscape. The first time we went to Black Balsam Knob off the Parkway, and we could see the fog sitting on top of the mountain. At one point it cleared but I think it ended up being a little teaser. Everything started out beautifully. It was like an amazing date night only to have your server tell you, we’re out of the dessert you wanted (ugh!). We couldn’t end things like that so we told them let’s figure out another night and get up to the top of a mountain just in time for sunset to get some of those epic views the Asheville area is known for! Wouldn’t you know it on the day we picked, the radar looked like certain rain and fog again for Black Balsam. We looked across the radar at another one of our favorite locations for engagement sessions and it looked like we would have more success there for a clear night. Thankfully Morgan and Jordan were willing to switch it up last minute and the choice could not have been better!

The sunset at Craggy Gardens that night was out of this world! The red tones complimented Morgan’s dress perfectly, the wind was more merciful on Jordans hair, and these two showed us all how it is done! Totally feel free to pin these as you start looking for your engagement inspo!



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