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Sunset Engagement Session at Black Balsam: C + K

Updated: Feb 29

engaged couple holding each other in the golden hour sunset

As always, our fall season was filled with so many weddings & family sessions, but one of our favorite things to do during the fall are mountain engagement sessions! Even though you can lose some of the fall colors at higher elevations, the overall scenery and temperature can be heavenly for this time of year! Throw in Kiera & Cade, plus two of the cuuutest fur babies and it was as close to perfect as you can get!

We were already very excited to meet these two and when they told us they were bringing their pups, ‘Ajax’ and ‘Roux’ we were so psyched! These two totally hammed it up for the camera and were the sweetest little wiggle butts! (Ajax and Roux that is :) ) Keira and Cade totally rocked it as well and were so eat ease with each other among the mountain landscape at Black Balsam Knob! It’s always a good time up here but mother nature also decided she wanted to throw us a little bone that night with one of the coolest light displays we’ve been privileged to see in our beautiful blue ridge mountains. As Kiera and Cade made their way to one of the smaller rock ledges, an unexpected fog blew in out of nowhere, but unlike a lot of foggy days in the mountains where it ends up being a white out, it was just a small this patch. The best part, it made it’s way right in front of the sun and created a sensational fire sky with rich orange tones! It complimented these two beautifully as they put their love on display! It was one of those cool reminders that no matter how many times you’ve shot at a location, you can never be 100% sure what the mountains will provide you with on that day, at that time. They say the earth has a song for those who listen, and we are big believers that it also paints a picture for those who look. We hope you all enjoy following along with us on Kiera and Cade’s engagement!

woman wrapped around her fiance's arm in front of a flowering tree
engaged couple holding hands and hiking through the mountains
engaged couple holding hands and hiking at black balsam knob
couple smiling at each other in the mountains
engaged couple holding each other and watching the sunset
dramatic lighting portrait of a couple holding each other in front of the mountains
sunset kiss in the mountains

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