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Craggy Gardens Engagement : T + D

Updated: Feb 18

engaged couple kissing during sunset in the mountains

Every year through the cold winter months, we connect with so many couples for their engagements and weddings! The majority of them always have the same request, “Can we wait until summer for our engagement session?” They want the lush greenery our mountains are known for and they want the beautiful weather. Well guess what my friends? Summer time is finally here! In my mind, summer break always started when school ended in May, so May always signifies the start of summer for me, I guess old memories and feelings of nostalgia die hard (but I digress). One of our most recent engagement sessions was with Deanna and Trevor! Initially they didn’t book an engagement session but a few weeks after connecting, Deanna decided that they did want to get some beautiful engagement photos before their big day! They couldn’t have picked a better place and time. We went to Craggy Gardens on a perfect evening in the mountains! Though we get to visit this iconic location all the time, it had been a while since our last visit so we were giddy to get up there and see everything in bloom and it did not disappoint! Craggy was the ideal setting to tell a love story on this evening and Trevor & Deanna absolutely rocked it! We hope you enjoy following along!

man kissing his fiance's temple in the golden light
engaged couple holding hands with their young son
couple kissing while sitting on tree roots
man wrapping his fiance up from behind as they stand in front of the mountains
traditional family portrait at the top of craggy gardens
man caressing his fiance's neck as they hold each other during sunset
woman holding onto her fiance's arm on the edge of a cliff
dramatic lighting portrait of a man kissing his fiance on the cheek
couple watching the sunset in the mountains as they hold each other

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