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Craggy Gardens Engagement : K + J

Updated: Jan 26

couple kissing in the forest during sunset

Katie and Jason had their engagement session at one of our absolute favorite locations this fall, Craggy Gardens! If you’ve never been, it’s a quick trip from downtown Asheville, NC about 40 minutes on the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. Once you arrive, don’t be discouraged, there is a little hike, but in terms of ratio of hike to view, this is easily one of the best bang for your buck hikes in WNC. For most people it will likely take 10-12 minutes if you’re very fit, and a little longer this is your first hike in a while. Of course if you’re visiting with us, we’ll likely stop every few minutes because photography ADD is a thing :) Thankfully for us, Katie and Jason didn’t mind too much and these two trusted us every step of the way. We’re always grateful for that trust our couples put into us to capture their memories! For us, Jason and Katie made some of the best mountaintop memories! The fall color that day was exceptional for 6,000+ feet, the light was perfect, and these to were fuego! Jason and Katie’s playful chemistry and lighthearted nature helped these two fall into place with almost no effort. When all of these ingredients are present you can be sure you’re going to be in for an amazing evening at Craggy! Big congrats to Katie and Jason and we hope you all enjoy following along!

engaged couple smiling at the mouth of Craggy Pinnacle

couple looking at each other while the sun bursts behind them

couple holding hands and walking through a trail

woman smiling at the camera while holding hands with her fiance

woman wrapping up the arm of her fiance as they smile at each other

creative lighting portrait of a couple cuddled on some tree roots

couple holding each other as they sit at the base of a tree

A couple holding hands and looking opposite directions

a man caressing his fiance's face as they stand in front of the fall color

woman laughing as her fiance whispers in her ear

a couple framed in a tree trunk as they hold hands and walk

a couple holding hands and walking while we frame fall leaves in the foreground

a woman laughing as she leads her fiance up a tree

a couple cuddling while sitting on a tree

silhouette of a couple during a sunset sky

A couple cuddling cliffside at craggy gardens

craggy gardens engagement couple holding each other

couple enjoying sunset at craggy gardens

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