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Surprise Proposal at Chimney Rock : A + D

Updated: Jan 29

man proposing to his girlfriend on top of Chimney Rock

For most of our careers. ‘engagement season’ has always started around December and gone through Valentine’s Day (February 14th, don’t panic just yet fellas). The last two years have been the exception to the rule. Ever since 2020, so many couples are playing catch up with all things wedding planning and engagements. With that, we’ve had so many amazing couples we’ve connected with this fall for their proposals! David and Amanda were easily one of our favorite couples and sessions from this year! David hit us up well ahead of his planned surprise proposal to Amanda and after a couple of emails and a phone call, we could not wait for this one. Not only was David planning this for the most scenic time of year here in North Carolina, but he also had the perfect location picked out. Chimney Rock State Park! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this scenic attraction, it sits prominently amongst the quaint towns of Chimney Rock and Lake Lure. If you’ve never been and you’re in NC, it’s definitely worth checking out and spending a day if you’re visiting near Asheville. One of our favorite date nights is actually to go to Burntshirt Vineyards Chimney Rock location and enjoy some great local wine, delicious charcuterie, and the best part, sitting on their deck to enjoy views of Chimney Rock and Hickory Nut Falls.

If it wasn’t apparent, we love this location! Not only is the rock itself hard to beat for a proposal, it’s a wonderful overall location for engagement and other portrait sessions, and even elopements. For more information on Chimney Rock State Park, click here!

David expressed that he was hoping to capture not just the beauty of the view, and the big moment itself, but also the vibrant fall colors that WNC is known for this time of year. We’re always hesitant to get people’s hope up with fall color because as anyone whose lived here longer than a few years will tell you, the fall color can be unpredictable! We’ve seen it peak as early as the first week of October in certain locations, we’ve seen it peak in late fall, and everything in between. With David’s proposal being during the late fall, and at a lower elevation, we were confident he would have great color as the lower elevations tend to get rich colors later during the season. When we arrived and made our quick trip up the elevator we were blown away by the beautiful fall tones painting the landscape. David could not have timed it any better! Soon after we got in place, David was hitting one knee and Amanda said yes!! These cuties rocked a little engagement sesh afterwards and were soon on their back home to share the news with their loved ones back in PA! As always, we hope you enjoy following along!


Surprise proposal on top of Chimney Rock

a woman reacts to her boyfriend proposing

a woman bends over to catch her breath after her boyfriend proposes

a man showing his girlfriend the ring as he proposes

a man placing the ring on his girlfriend's hand as he proposes

a woman kissing her boyfriend while he's down on one knee

engaged couple hugging moments after their proposal

woman showing off engagement ring

engaged couple kissing in the mountains

traditional portrait of a couple smiling in the mountains

a man caressing his fiance's face as they sit together

a man wrapping up his fiance and kissing her temple

engagement ring sitting on a rose while the couple holds it

a man kissing his fiance's temple during their engagement

a couple holding hands and standing side by side

creative lighting silhouette of a couple kissing in a tunnel

a couple laughing as a woman piggy back rides her fiance

a man laughing as he gives his fiance a piggy back ride

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1 Comment

Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Jan 03

I also recently visited Chimney Rock State Park, it is very beautiful and the night view is absolutely stunning. To be honest, if I had not read article, which talks about US national parks, I would be unlikely to have found it. Most likely I will propose marriage to my future wife there.

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