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Spring Biltmore Proposal : R + K

Updated: Feb 1

engaged couple holding hands and walking through the gardens

Everybody has their favorite season when it comes to the beautiful WNC area. Some prefer the lush greens that come with late spring and summer. Some obsess over the vibrant fall colors when the landscape turns every shade of red, yellow, & orange, and of course who could forget about the beautiful winters in this area!? We are truly blessed to live and work in such a scenic and diverse area. Of course over the years we have a few of our favorite spots depending on the season. One of those is The Biltmore in the full bloom of spring. If you can time your visit just right you will be in for visual treat. The florals around the estate can be truly breathtaking and depending on your preferences, there’s a little something for everybody.

For our most recent surprise engagement at The Biltmore, we captured the big moment for Ricky and Krishna this spring. Ricky was as sweet as they come and called us about a month ahead of time to tell us all about his vision, and his soon to be fiance Krishna. It was obvious from the conversation that Ricky is crazy about Krishna and wanted to make sure everything was perfect for his proposal! After sitting in the hotel parking lot for about a half hour laughing and talking to Ricky, he let us know that he wanted to start off as just a nice portrait session and then surprise Krishna with a his proposal half way through. Usually with proposals, we capture them discretely right at the beginning, so this was a little bit of a switch up from the usual, but after coming up with a plan we knew it would be perfect. Ricky would just have to wait on the code word.

It was the combination of the perfect day, the perfect setting, and the perfect proposal! Krishna’s happy tears were the icing on the cake for this special day and these two absolutely rocked the Biltmore for their engagement session! We hope you enjoy following along!


woman smiling at her fiance as they walk and holds hands

man kissing his fiance on the cheek as they sit together

traditional portrait of a couple smiling

woman wrapped around her fiance's arm

engaged couple smiling while seated on some stairs at the biltmore

engaged couple smiling at each other while walking and holding hands

woman wrapping up her fiance's arm as they walk together

a man proposing to his fiance at the biltmore

a woman reacting to her boyfriend proposing at the biltmore

a man putting a ring on his fiance's finger

traditional portrait of couple smiling in front of flowers

man wrapping up his fiance from behind in front of some flowers

engaged couple holding hands and walking between flowers

shot of engaged couples ring

engaged couple holding each other close in front of some flowers

engaged couple laughing while holding each other next to some flowers

engaged couple holding hands and walking down a path surrounded by flowers

engagement ring on a purple flower

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