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Beautiful Biltmore Estate Proposal : E + K

We have been so blessed this year to have a super busy fall season and a lot of it has been made up of surprise proposals at The Biltmore! We even joked at one point about calling this year’s fall, Proposal-palooza! We’ve often shared that surprise proposals are by far our favorite thing to capture behind the lens so it should be no secret why we LOVED this one!

Emanuel and Kristina’s engagement at The Biltmore was simply perfection! Their lighthearted playfulness, Kristina’s emotion, and the last remaining bits of fall color combined to make for one of the most beautiful engagements we’ve been a part of this year. Also, it’s not an official award (it probably should be) but these two easily win best dressed!

Emanuel contacted us in September about his surprise proposal to Kristina and after speaking with him briefly, we could hardly wait! You could tell by how fast he moved on everything that he was beyond excited to ask her to marry him. Our favorite part of their proposal was Kristina’s reaction. It was so sweet! She was exuberant with love & emotion and she carried this throughout the entire session! The connection between these two was undeniable and one that we think will put a smile on your face as you follow along this holiday season!


So many congrats to Emanuel and Kristina and thank you guys for allowing us to be a small part of your story! Cheers!

-Joe and Jenny

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